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Why Do I Have Earwigs In My Dallas Home?

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Out of all the Dallas pests, earwigs are one of the easiest to identify. They have intimidating pincers which makes them look like something out of a nightmare. While they aren't as scary as they look, earwigs are a nuisance. Learn more about why they decided to take up residence in your home.

What Earwigs Look For

As a general rule, earwigs prefer to remain outside. They enjoy living under rocks and having an abundance of moist soil. But that doesn't mean earwigs only live outdoors. They wander in homes and seek out food and moisture. Whether they accidentally or intentionally make their way into your home, earwigs might be content to remain inside. You could only have one earwig, or you could have multiple ones. 
At times, the weather drives earwigs indoors. If it gets too cold outside, these Dallas pests might seek out the warmth of your home. The same could be true of dry conditions. When it's dry outside, earwigs might prefer the moist air in your bathroom or basement. 
A lack of shelter outside could also drive earwigs into your home. Instead of hiding under leaves, these insects might take shelter under cardboard boxes or containers. The area under your bathroom sink may also provide ample hiding spots. 
Earwigs typically live in homes that are easy to enter. If you have holes in your screens, gaps under your doors, or cracks in your walls, earwigs won't have a problem getting inside. 

The Trouble With Earwigs

When you have earwigs, you don't need to worry much about getting bit or stung. Likewise, it would help if you weren't too concerned about them spreading diseases. The only real danger of earwigs is the fact that you could have an underlying plumbing issue.
Because earwigs seek out moist environments, they are more attracted to homes with moisture issues. If you don't look into why earwigs are in your home, you could end up with a severe leak. At the first sign of an earwig infestation, call a professional to assess the situation.

Take Steps To Keep Earwigs Out

Before you find an earwig in your home, you can take steps to keep the pests out, which means doing all the following:

Vacuum Frequently

Once inside your home, earwigs can feed on crumbs. Therefore, the debris in your carpet and on your floors could be keeping earwigs inside. By vacuuming frequently, you limit earwig food, and you may even suck up a stray earwig. 

Use A Dehumidifier

If your bathroom or basement is particularly damp, consider using a dehumidifier. The equipment removes moisture from the air and makes your property less appealing to earwigs.

Repair Plumbing Leaks

Even small leaks in your plumbing could attract earwigs. If you have a slow drip in your faucet or any other plumbing issue, fix the problem as soon as possible. In addition to saving you money on wasted water, you can also keep earwigs away.

Secure Your Home

How safe is your home? Although it might be safe from human intruders, your home may not be secure from earwigs. Check around your doors and windows for gaps, and examine your walls for cracks. You can use caulk, weather stripping, and other materials to make your home more well-protected from earwigs.

Work With Professionals

On your own, earwig prevention may seem like a big task. However, you don't need to handle earwigs by yourself. For total earwig control, you should work with an experienced pest control company. Here at All-Safe Pest & Termite, we can take on your earwig prevention or elimination. If you're ready to get started, contact us.

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