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How To Get Rid Of American Cockroaches In Your Houston Home For Good!

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Data indicates that approximately 4,000 different species of cockroaches exist in the world today. Cockroaches have lived throughout most of recorded history, which is a testament to their adaptability and resiliency. Cockroaches are members of the order Blattodea and represent one of the most common pests that invade homes and businesses, particularly any property that allows for accessing sources of food. Once indoors, cockroaches usually expand their presence and become challenging to eradicate.

Some of the most common species of cockroaches that invade properties in Houston include German cockroaches, American cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches. The American cockroach is one of the largest and most problematic species in this region. The American cockroach routinely travels through drains, sewers, and other settings with ample humidity. They thrive in temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit; therefore, these pests might attempt to infiltrate properties during cooler periods.

Are you wondering how to get rid of cockroaches at home? Cockroaches are a type of pest that pose substantial challenges for those seeking to oust them. Bearing this in mind, reaching out to a local pest controller is strongly advised. A well-trained team of Houston pest control professionals understands what gets rid of cockroaches and some of the best practices for limiting future intrusions from these unwanted and potentially dangerous pests.

What American Cockroaches Look Like

American cockroaches have a body length that often exceeds 1 ½ inches and appear in a reddish-brown or mahogany color with yellow markings. The oval-shaped body of an American cockroach has six legs, antennae, and wings.

Can American cockroaches fly? Yes. American cockroaches will use their wings to fly; however, typically for only short distances. In many instances, American cockroaches use their wings to “glide” or to help break their fall from upper areas. These pests move quickly on their feet, particularly when unexpectedly encountered by a homeowner.

How American Cockroaches In Your Home Can Be Harmful To Your Health

American cockroaches are creatures with routine exposure to trash and harmful parasites. Once indoors, cockroaches may create the following health-related concerns:

  • Some of the health risks associated with cockroaches include salmonellosis, cholera, E. coli infection, and dysentery. 
  • Cockroaches shed body parts and generate excrement that may trigger adverse allergic reactions among many individuals.
  • Cockroaches will contaminate food sources in a home.
  • Cockroaches can scratch you with the spines on their legs, and the scratch may become infected by the bacteria they carry.

Keep in mind that those most susceptible to cockroach-related health problems include small children, older adults, and anyone with immune system deficiencies.

How And Why American Cockroaches Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Cockroaches have a flat body style that allows for passage through gaps around windows or doors, cracks near the foundation, or exterior vents. They might enter adjacent units through interior walls or plumbing pass-throughs in apartments or condos. In some cases, people inadvertently carry cockroaches into homes inside grocery bags or storage boxes.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of American Cockroaches In Your Home

The specialists with All-Safe Pest & Termite have more than three decades of experience delivering results for local customers here in Houston. We employ several treatment options and know how to get rid of big cockroaches, like the American cockroach.

Our process begins by performing a diligent property inspection that reveals to our technician many factors, including point(s) of entry, the severity of any contamination in hidden areas, and the best solution. Further, we will identify any property conditions that make the home potentially vulnerable to subsequent invasions and make suggestions regarding how to prevent cockroaches.

We invite you to contact our office today for a consultation with one of our friendly professionals. Remember to ask about our comprehensive year-round property protection plans that will keep the premises pest-free.

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