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Houston Homeowners' Ultimate Springtail Management Guide

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Houston is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the U.S. People mainly move here for its booming job market, accounting for one in five of the region's employment. We also have a strong housing market. While both of these factors are what's growing the city, homeowners and residents alike will be in for quite the surprise once they see how springtails will welcome them to their new home.

If you're unfamiliar with springtails, that's okay; we're going to dig a little into these hexapod pests. Either way, when you encounter them, you're going to want them gone immediately. Houston pest control services will be the most effective way to get rid of them.

How To Identify Springtails

Springtails are often confused with fleas or ticks because they both jump, but physically, they're very different. To properly identify a springtail, look for these features:

  • Appear gray or even tannish with dark markings
  • Have a furcula under their abdomen to jump (fun springtail fact: When startled, their bodies create a fluid that goes to the base of the furcula. Once the fluid touches the surface, it propels springtails forward.)
  • Grow to 1/16 of an inch

These pests aren't as scary looking as other invasive pests; however, they still don't belong in your home. And just like any other invasive pest, professional pest control is the best and only option to make your home pest-free.

Why You Don't Want Springtails About Your Home

Springtails don't do any type of damage to your home or plants, nor do they harm humans in any way. So does that make it okay for them to reside in your home? Not. 

For one, springtails don't come in small batches of just a few; springtails invade homes by the thousands! So when you see a few, know there are thousands of others somewhere in your home. Secondly, springtails are small pests that are food sources for other, bigger insects like beetles, ants, and wasps. The moment you discover springtails, it's best you get rid of them before other pests do!

Why Springtails Invade Houses

When springtails get into your home, you shouldn't be wondering how to get rid of springtails because professional pest control is how you get rid of them. The real question should be, why are they in your house in the first place?

The thing to understand about these pests is that they thrive in moist or wet environments, so if you happen to see an infestation of them in your home, it's a direct indicator that you have a moisture issue going on or a leak somewhere. Of course, you want to get that fixed, but depending on how bad the leak or moisture problem is, it could also mean expensive repairs.

The Best Solution To A Springtail Infestation In Your Home

The good news about springtails is that they don't pose any threat to humans, but the issue is they invade in large numbers (in the thousands), making it very hard to get rid of them on your own.

Here at All-Safe Pest & Termite, our experienced technicians are equipped with the right products to get rid of springtails from your Houston property. Reach out to us today for all your pest control needs.

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