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The Ultimate Guide To Centipede Prevention And Control For Your Fort Worth Home

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Centipedes are an unsightly pest common around Fort Worth.

Bugs come in a lot of weird shapes and sizes. This is best seen with pests like the centipede. Although not technically a bug itself, but instead an arthropod, this local creature likes to invade homes. Considering that most people do not like these terrible little pests, we are here today to offer some information to help our community avoid these invaders.

Here are some things you should know about the centipedes in Fort Worth and how to guarantee that they stay out of your home. Reach out to our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite if you would like our assistance in dealing with these pests. We will offer some short and long-term solutions to help you avoid these long arthropod invaders.

The Anatomy And Behavior Of Centipedes

The most common type of centipede here in Fort Worth is the house centipede. This arthropod is typically small but can grow to be upwards of six inches long. As centipedes get older, they grow longer and sprout more and more legs. There have been recorded cases where people found these pests with over 177 pairs of legs.

They use these dexterous legs to climb through gaps, holes, and cracks in the exterior of local homes. If you think there are centipedes in your house, let us know. We will schedule an inspection and find out for certain.

Why Centipedes Can Be A Menace To Have Around Your Home

If there are centipedes in your Fort Worth home, do not worry. Unlike many other pests that live here in Fort Worth, these long invaders are not dangerous. They are, however, annoying and creepy. This is enough of a reason for us to want them out of our homes.

If you feel the same way about this pest and would like to get them out of your living areas, we have your back. Our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite works hard to provide top-tier pest control services to deal with different kinds of centipedes locally.

Natural Ways To Prevent Centipedes Around The House

If you would like to stop different types of centipedes from invading your home here in Fort Worth, we would like to help. Here are some of the best natural prevention methods that work to deter these pests.

  • Address moisture problems like leaky piping, damaged gutters, and high humidity.
  • Make sure all of your exterior windows and doors are working properly and that they seal correctly.
  • Reduce clutter inside and around your home. This includes organic clutter like leaf piles, sticks, and piles of vegetation.
  • Keep your unscreened windows and doors closed when you are not using them.

Bring in our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite if you would like to know more about how we deal with these or other local pests.

Call In The Pros For Total Centipede Elimination

Our goal is to help you find a reliable solution to deal with centipedes in Fort Worth. Whether these pests are currently inside your home or you are looking for a long-term solution to keep them out, we have what you need here.

Talk with one of our team members or check out our service pages to learn more about our advanced services. We will help you schedule an appointment for your home and property and find a quick answer to your centipede or other pest problems. Call our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite now to learn more about our centipede control and find a treatment time that will work with you and your Fort Worth home’s schedule.

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