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The Secret To Keeping Hornets Away From Your Plano Yard

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Hornets are a pest that is thought about with fear from most people because the sting of a hornet is hard to forget. Even if you’ve never actually been stung, you likely realize that it would be an unpleasant and painful experience that you want to avoid. Hornets in Plano are rather dangerous pests, and they can be difficult to remove because of their stinging ability. If you’re trying to keep hornets away from your yard, read on to learn about Plano pest control for these stinging insects.

What's The Difference Between Hornets And Wasps?

One thing that confuses many people is how to tell the difference between hornets and wasps. The truth is that wasp is just a term that refers to a wide variety of stinging insect species, and hornets are a subset of wasps. So, while all hornets are wasps, not all wasps are hornets.

There are not many differences between hornets and wasps, but there are still some key things you can look for. Mainly, you can look at the body shape. Wasps have a more slender, slimmer body appearance, while hornets are a bit more round. Hornets also often have stripes of yellow and black, although markings can vary, while wasps come in various red, black, and brown hues.

The primary hornets in the United States are bald-faced hornets and European hornets.

What Makes Hornets So Dangerous?

Hornet stings can be painful, and these stings will be noticed immediately. Afterward, the sting area will become red and swollen. Overall, most people don’t end up with very severe reactions, even if the process is still uncomfortable. However, hornet stings can also be dangerous. They are especially worrisome to people who have allergies to the venom, and you may not know that you are allergic until you’re stung.

The other thing that makes hornets dangerous is that they can mobilize together to sting. There are social wasps that have nests, and they will work together to defend these nests, which means that they will sometimes sting in groups. If a person or animal is repeatedly stung, they are at a higher risk of a severe reaction and the need to go to the hospital.

Because hornets in Plano can be dangerous, it’s a good idea to reach out to our wasp control experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite for help.

What Attracts Hornets To Yards?

Hornets are attracted to yards that provide them with places to nest, water to drink, and food to eat. They are pollinators who seek out sweet-smelling, flowering plants, so it’s a good idea to limit the number of these plants you have around your yard and keep the property trimmed and maintained.

Another method used for wasp control independently is to limit access to water around the yard. You should remove standing water and clean rain gutters, and ensure that water features like hot tubs or pools are kept clean. Last, make sure to remove other food sources by storing pet food indoors and removing bird feeders. 

If you need help with hornet prevention, the most effective way to keep these pests away is with assistance from residential pest control experts.

The Safest And Most Effective Hornet Control For Your Yard

Once hornets are around your yard, it can be dangerous to try to eliminate them alone. They are most likely to attack if they feel threatened, and they can be somewhat aggressive. Instead of putting your health at risk, call our residential pest control team at All-Safe Pest & Termite for assistance. We can remove the hornet infestation and prevent them from returning. Please give us a call to get started today!

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