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Why Do I Have Fleas In My Plano Home

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Fleas are a pest problem you might not think about very often if you don’t have pets, and even if you do, you might not worry about fleas as a problem for the humans in your household. However, while fleas don’t live on people like they do on animals, they are still dangerous parasites that can cause a wide range of issues for humans.

Fleas are tiny pests that only reach up to an eighth of an inch long. They are a dark reddish-brown color and have long, oval-shaped bodies. However, there are other signs of fleas you might notice first such as flea droppings that look like dirt on your carpet and furniture or pets that are suddenly incessantly scratching their fur.

Despite their size, fleas are notorious for spreading numerous diseases including some that can hurt people. They can spread Bartonella(cat scratch fever), typhus, and even the Bubonic Plague. Along with illness, fleas can also cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks. And, if you do have pets, it’s also worth noting that fleas can cause illness in other animals.

How Do Fleas Get Inside?

Fleas in Plano, Texas can become a problem for any homeowner, but, indeed, pets are often the carriers that bring these parasites inside. Pets usually pick up fleas through contact with other animals as fleas can jump from host to host.

However, even if you don’t have pets, you could still get fleas from wildlife or rodents that come onto your property. Many different wildlife species as well as pests like mice and rats carry fleas, and this means that all households should take steps to prevent fleas to protect themselves from the health risks associated with them.

How To Keep Fleas Away

It can be difficult to identify fleas and also to control them given how small they are, but luckily, there are some simple steps you can follow to reduce the risk of an infestation. Overall, the best way to prevent fleas is by reducing factors that attract wildlife and rodents to your property. Here are a few flea prevention measures you can implement:

  • Install fences to keep out larger wildlife and remove bird and pet food from outside to prevent species like squirrels.
  • Work with your vet to treat pets for fleas.
  • As rats and mice are common household pests that carry fleas, focus on rodent prevention. This includes cleaning up food waste around the property, keeping kitchen spaces clean, and covering trash cans with lids.
  • Trim trees and shrubs regularly as overgrown yards can attract wild animals. 
  • Regularly vacuum carpets and sweep and mop hard flooring. 
  • Get in touch with trusted residential pest control professionals in the area.

Assistance With Flea Infestations

If you are looking for the best way to prevent fleas or need help with a current flea infestation, the experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite are here to help. The most effective way to keep yourself and your family safe from these dangerous pests is with ongoing assistance from pest control professionals and, if you are a pet owner, from your local veterinarian.

At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we offer award-winning service and eco-friendly products. Learn more about flea control, or schedule your first appointment,  by giving us a call or requesting a free estimate online.

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