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A Guide To Subterranean Termite Control For Houston Property Owners

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Termites are small “ant-like” pests that form large colonies and consume cellulose which is found in wood. Despite the existence of many safe and proven termite solutions, termites continue to create several billion dollars of property damage each year throughout the U.S. Among the most potentially destructive types of termites in Texas are subterranean termites, which typically create underground nests and form tunnels referred to as mud tubes that connect to their wood sources. 

In nature, termites help break down fallen trees and other materials that allow the nutrients to return to the soil below. They generally prefer damp and humid environments. 

The Damage That Termite Activity Creates

Houston property owners should recognize some of the most common signs of a termite-related problem, including:

  • Interior walls may begin to warp, ceilings start to bow, and floorboards become very creaky.
  • Look for groups of winged swarming termites during the spring months that are participating in their reproductive process.
  • The presence of patterned mud tubes that lead up from the soil through lower areas of the structure.
  • Door and windows often become increasingly difficult to open or close, resulting from shifts in the adjacent sections of wood.

Helpful Prevention Tips From The Best Termite Company

Preventing accumulations of water is critical; therefore, gutter systems must be kept clear to allow for water to be directed away from the property. Promptly repair any leaky hoses or spigots and avoid overwatering garden areas close to the home. Maintain good ventilation in basement and crawlspace areas to reduce moisture and use dehumidifiers when necessary.

Promptly remove fallen trees and branches from the area near the property and keep firewood storage away from the exterior. Create barriers using rock, stone, or other material between the soil and any wooden structures.

When To Contact A Pest Control Professional

Most property owners have made significant investments of time and resources toward their homes. Termites are wood-destroying critters that place all of your efforts at risk. Many individuals will initially visit online retailers or local home improvement stores to purchase do-it-yourself termite treatment options such as traps or granular concentrates that are marketed using highly embellished claims of effectiveness.

In many cases, people fail to detect the presence of a termite infestation until weeks or months after they have begun burrowing through wooden structures on their property. This creates a need for a rapid and powerful response that is best performed by a licensed pest control professional.

Did you know that All-Safe Pest & Termite is an experienced operator that uses the Sentricon System with Always Active, which is a termite treatment that has proven to be both a safe and effective solution for those struggling with termite activity on their property? The system will eradicate the types of termites in Texas and also prevent them from returning. For many years, our team of professionals has deployed the Sentricon System to solve termite problems for homeowners, home builders, and property management companies throughout this region.

Bait stations are installed around the property that forms a shield of exterior protection. These stations use a unique formula that alters the termite food chain, prevents the pests from molting, and ultimately expels the colony completely. Pest control technicians pass a detailed training program to achieve certification as a Sentricon Specialist that is prepared to handle all installation, treatment, and maintenance.

Experienced Team Of Pest Controllers In Houston

In addition to proven termite solutions, All-Safe Pest & Termite has the knowledge and equipment for safely ousting problems involving rodents, stinging insects, spiders, and many other undesirable and potentially harmful pests that infiltrate properties. We will have a seasoned member of our team visit the property, conduct a thorough inspection, and propose the best treatment option. Contact us today to schedule an estimate with the best termite company around.

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