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Signs You Could Be Dealing With A Termite Infestation In Sugar Land

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How much do you value the condition of your home? Would you go out of your way to protect it from excess moisture, destructive wildlife, and other harmful factors? If you are willing to invest time and money into keeping your home safe, there is something you should know.

Termites live in Sugar Land and will take any opportunity to damage your property. If you want to keep termites out of your home, you need some form of protection. Here are some common signs of termites and what control method you should use to remove these pests from your home. Skip to our contact page for immediate help dealing with an active infestation inside your home.  

Is There A Difference Between Subterranean And Regular Termites?

A few different types of termites live here in Sugar Land. The most common species is the subterranean termite. Subterranean termites live in large underground nests and invade nearby wood sources using tunnels. Subterranean termites only eat water-damaged, rotting, or decaying wood, unlike other common termites in Sugar Land. Drywood termites are another common species that live in our area. Rather than build underground, these pests construct nests inside structures of wood. They are also easier to identify as the damage they cause is more noticeable.

What Can Cause Termites To Invade Your House?

Termites are hungry bugs. They are motivated by food. If your property has sources of wood or wood-based items outdoors, these pests will build nests nearby. Once on your property, termites will then look for ways into your home.

Termites are more likely to invade homes with accessible wood. Subterranean termites, in particular, look for cracks and gaps in foundational blocks leading up to structural wood. If soil directly touches your home’s wood, even better. Drywood termites, on the other hand, look for sun-damaged wood. They don’t like invading treated or freshly painted boards.

What matters is that you know how termites think. As long as your home and property offer food, they will want to invade. The only way to stop them is with some form of termite control.

I Found Some Sawdust! Could That Be A Sign That I Have Termites?

Finding sawdust indoors can sometimes be a sign of termites, but it could also indicate other wood-destroying pests. Many wood-destroying insects leave sawdust near the wood they damage. A few examples of this include carpenter bees, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and drywood termites.

Subterranean termites are the only outlier, as they are less likely to leave behind visible droppings. They spread moisture inside their tunnels which causes excess wood to stick to walls. Most broken-down wood is carried back to exterior nests and provided to queens. This makes subterranean termites harder to identify. If you want to know if your home has an active infestation, let our team perform a detailed inspection.

Help! I Think I Have Termites Destroying My Home! What Should I Do?

Whether you know your home has termites or you are trying to avoid future problems with these pests, what you need is professional termite control. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we offer detailed options to help homeowners identify, eliminate, and prevent invasive wood-destroying pests. Keep your home safe year-round with our complete pest control services. This will cover you for not just termites but many other annoying, dangerous, and destructive pest invaders. Let us show you today why we are your absolute best option for pest control in Sugar Land.

Call now to learn more about termites in Sugar Land and schedule a service visit for your home and property.

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