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What Fort Worth Property Owners Ought To Know About Flying Termites

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Often mistaken for swarms of gnats or flying ants, flying termites are one of the biggest threats to Fort Worth properties more than natural disasters. As the seasons change, so do the humidity levels, especially with heavy rainfalls, and Fort Worth is a prime location for these pests. They will fly out, mate, and create nests above and underground to start new colonies.

The good news is that once flying termites have created their nests, they usually die within 24 hours of taking flight. But don't let the sight of discarded wings make you think that all is well and the swarmers you saw were just a strange occurrence. If you see swarmers, it is a signal that you need to have a termite inspection done immediately.

By contacting your local Fort Worth pest control experts, you can find the best termite treatment options for your property.

What Are Flying Termites?

Flying termites are what you would call reproductive termites, but they're more known as swarmers. Swarmers are the only caste of termites that can fly. The thing to note about flying termites is that they mark the start of termite season in Fort Worth. Though it only happens once a year, when you see them, they're a surefire sign of termite activity of some sort happening in or near your property that you need to pay attention to.

What It Means If You Spot Flying Termites On Your Property

As a Fort Worth property owner, if you ever see flying termites, it can only mean two things; you either currently have a termite infestation in your home, or you're at risk of one. Termites are insects you want to focus your attention on immediately as these wood-destroying insects never sleep; they eat the structural foundation of your home 24/7, seven days a week. Only professional treatment will rid your property of these pests.

Natural Ways To Make Your Property Less Attractive To Termites

Termites can indeed destroy a home or property from the inside out. But the great news is that these pests are preventable. Implementing these prevention methods will prove very beneficial if your property is currently free of termites.

  • Make sure your gutters are clear and free of leaves that hold moisture.
  • Keep moisture low in your home with a dehumidifier.
  • Get rid of leaves and tree limbs from around your yard.
  • Eliminate standing water around your home.
  • Remove any wood close to your property.

Termites love wood, and removing any wood away from around your property will help keep them at bay. But also note that they thrive in moist environments as well, so keeping moisture levels low around your property as much as possible is also ideal. Just be sure to call us for a termite inspection and possible termite removal first. If you already have an infestation, these prevention methods won't work.

The Most Effective Way To Protect Your Property From Termites

It's one thing to find active termites in your home that you can see, but what about the termite eggs hidden in places behind your home's structure that you'd never find? That reason alone is why termite control services are so important for your property as they exterminate all termites in your home.

Here at All-Safe Pest & Termite, we know all the hiding places and signs of an infestation. Let us, your local experts, protect you and the structural integrity of your Fort Worth property with our termite treatment services. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection.

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