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Why Are There So Many Spiders In My Dallas Home?

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a black widow spider crawling on its web

Of all the pests you might deal with in your Dallas home, spiders are some of the most feared. Many people are really scared of spiders, and even those who aren’t afraid of them can be grossed out by them. Spiders can be terrifying, and many people fear that they will bite them and that their bites are dangerous.

While all spiders are technically venomous and they all have fangs, most spiders you find in your home are pretty harmless. There are only two species of spiders in the United States that are considered medically dangerous to humans: black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. However, other spider bites can cause some damage or allergic reactions.
The vast majority of house spiders don’t harm humans at all and rarely bite. Knowing about common area spiders and what they look like can help you avoid the harmful ones: Black widow spiders: These spiders are easy to identify because they have a red, hourglass marking on their underbellies, and their bodies are a bright, shiny black color.

  • Brown recluse spiders: These dangerous spiders can be anywhere from yellow-grey to black. They are best identified by the violin-shaped pattern they have on their backs.
  • Wolf spiders: These spiders are dark brown with yellow markings, and they have strong legs covered in hair. 
  • Tarantulas: These large black or brown spiders are easy to spot because of their large size and furry appearance.

Where Do Spiders Tend To Hide?

Spiders inside homes will generally look for places to hide where they can be undisturbed and hunt for prey. This means it’s common to find spiders in dark places you don’t bother often such as storage rooms, corners of closets, underneath beds, and behind bookshelves or stairs. Because of this, you could have spiders in your home and not be aware of them. Spiders generally don’t want to interact with humans any more than humans want to interact with them.

If you’ve started noticing more spiders in your home, this is likely because they are outgrowing their habitats and becoming more visible. You’ve likely had spiders for a while already, but they are now looking for new habitats or more prey.

Spider Prevention Tips

While most house spiders aren’t dangerous to humans, dangerous species like the black widow and brown recluse can get indoors, and their bites can cause severe medical issues. So keeping spiders out of your home is important. 
When it comes to spider prevention, one of the biggest things to look at is underlying pest issues. Spiders usually come indoors in search of prey that they are hunting, so if you have infestations of small insects, this will attract spiders to your Dallas home.

Here are some spider prevention tips:

  • Trim shrubs and bushes on your property.
  • Keep your home free of excess clutter, and clean often.
  • Make sure that your screens aren’t ripped or ill-fitted.
  • Remove webs in and around your home.
  • Address underlying pest issues.

Getting Rid Of Spiders

If you’ve noticed spiders or other pests in your Dallas home, the best way to remove them is to contact the experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite. We provide efficient, safe, and eco-friendly pest control for your home or business, and we can address spider infections as well as other pest problems that could be bringing spiders into your home. Give us a call today to learn more.

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