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Let's Chat About Flea Control In Dallas

Serving Families Throughout Dallas, Fort Worth & Houston
fleas on a dog

Dallas homeowners love their pets and enjoy many hours of play and companionship with their furry friends. Dallas offers great housing opportunities coupled with a vast array of entertainment, dining, and recreation opportunities. The housing market is brisk, and Dallas offers a dynamic and engaging work environment. Unfortunately, Dallas is no stranger to fleas, to the point that even homeowners without pets can find themselves facing these biting parasites.

All-Safe Pest & Termite understands fleas well and knows that you don't want these pests in your home biting you or your pets. Call us today for all your Dallas pest control needs, including fleas. We know how to get rid of fleas.

How To Tell If Your Home Has A Flea Infestation

Here are some ways to tell if your pets or your home has a flea problem:

  • Signs of itching: If your pets are constantly scratching, they might have fleas.
  • Redness: Close examination of your pets might reveal reddened flea bite areas.
  • Sightings: Flea combs might reveal fleas, or you might see them on pets or furniture.
  • Bites: Most unpleasant of all, you might get bitten by fleas, especially on your ankles.

Fleas will bite anything with blood, even children and babies, and their bites are painful. If you encounter fleas in your home, you want them gone; fast. All-Safe Pest & Termite knows all about flea control, and we stand ready to help you deal with them if they are in your house. Contact us today to bring the full might of our expertise and knowledge down on fleas.

Why Having Fleas In Your Home Is A Health Risk

Flea bites hurt, and nobody in your home likes to get bitten. Unfortunately, painful bites are only the beginning of what fleas can bring into the house. Fleas can also introduce tungiasis, flea tapeworm, bartonellosis, and flea-borne typhus. Additionally, flea bites can get infected, causing a whole different set of problems. A pronounced flea infestation can also cause homeowners and pets constant grief.

All-Safe Pest & Termite doesn't want you to worry about getting bitten by fleas or having fleas give you a gift you didn't ask for. We want to provide you with the gift of a pest-free home, and all it takes is for you to contact us today. 

All The Ways Fleas Can Find Their Way Into Your Home

Fleas are small and highly mobile. They can ride in on luggage, groceries, store purchases, and plants. They can also ride in on people and pets. Once there, they will immediately start multiplying, and each will be hungry — for you, your family, and your pets.

All-Safe Pest & Termite doesn't think that you should have to feel like a snack in your own home. Call us today, and let us get fleas off your skin and out of your home.

The Best Way To Eliminate A Flea Infestation In Your Home

Once fleas have established themselves in your home, they can be difficult to remove. They breed rapidly, are highly mobile, and are durable insects. DIY solutions generally do not offer thorough coverage, and fleas will exploit any gaps in pest management efforts. The best way to counter a flea infestation in your home is to secure professional flea pest control. The professionals deal with fleas all the time and know what they need to do to eliminate an infestation.

All-Safe Pest & Termite is your go-to resource in the Dallas area. We are skilled in pest extermination and prevention and want to work with you. Contact us today for all of your home pest control needs, including fleas.

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