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Fort Worth's Guide To Practical And Effective Ant Prevention Tips

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Of all the pests that Fort Worth residents may need to contend with, ants can be the most persistent and problematic of all. Ants can seemingly get into any house, regardless of how tightly sealed it may be. Once inside, they establish hidden colonies that can be nearly impossible for homeowners to eliminate using DIY products. Worse, DIY treatments can make ants seemingly disappear for a while when, in reality, the ants have only changed their behavior. Subsequent rediscovery of these buggy pests can distress homeowners, who may feel powerless in the face of persistent infestations.

Ant control in Fort Worth does not need to be frustrating or confusing. All-Safe Pest & Termite knows all about pest control in Fort Worth, and we can help you get rid of ants and any other household pests. Call us today to discover how we can return your home and peace of mind to you.

How Can I Tell If It's Fire Ants In My Yard?

Fire ants are perhaps the biggest worry Fort Worth homeowners have concerning ants in their yards. Effective ant control is essential. Fire ants are aggressive colony defenders with swarming behavior and fierce, venomous bites. Children and pets are particularly susceptible, and fire ant bites can provoke severe allergic reactions that require hospitalization. The number one way to identify fire ants in a yard is by the size, shape, and design of their mounds:

  • Fire ant mounds have many entrances and exits, versus one entry point for other ants.
  • Fire ant mounds are big. Bigger than a softball? They are fire ants.
  • Fire ant mounds are domes. Bowl-shaped mound? They are not fire ants. Dome shaped? Yes, they are fire ants!
  • Fire ants defend aggressively. Stomp the ground nearby; an instant swarm means fire ants.

Be very careful when exploring fire ant mounds. Even nearby workers will gladly climb up on your foot and give you a nasty sting, and swarms can cause considerable pain and suffering. 

If you think you have fire ants, do not mess around because fire ants certainly won't. Ant control in your house and yard should be left to the professionals. All-Safe Pest & Termite takes fire ants as seriously as you do and will seriously deal with them. We know how to get rid of ants and want to get rid of yours. 

The Trouble With Fire Ants Crawling Around

Traveling fire ants are something to be concerned about. Roving ant scouts are looking for places to build homes. A typical fire ant mound has several queens, and the colony is always game for expansion. Successful scouting trips equals more fire ant mounds. Worse, even scout fire ants will take the time to stop and sting unwary people and pets. That is because fire ants consider the entire area theirs, and if a lone scout fire ant runs across you, it will be more than happy to ram its stinger into your skin. This is why fire ant bites can come seemingly out of nowhere. Fire ants have a notorious reputation for aggression for good reason. Fire ants are also not afraid to come inside when looking for food and shelter. Getting stung by a fire ant inside your home is a common experience in areas with fire ants.

All-Safe Pest & Termite doesn't think that you should need to worry about getting stung by fire ants in your own home. We are seasoned experts with all ant control solutions and know all about getting rid of fire ants.

Practical Fire Ant Prevention Tips

Here are some ways to prevent fire ants from making a home out of your yard:

  • Limit outside food sources. Seal trash cans, and don't leave food lying around.
  • Be careful with mulch and leaf piles. Fire ants love mulch beds.
  • Keep plants, bushes, and shrubs trimmed off of your home.
  • Seal the exterior of your home well to prevent fire ants from finding a way inside.

These tips can help reduce the chances of fire ants establishing a home on your property, but given that fire ants are aggressive colony builders, you will eventually see them in your yard.

If you see fire ants on your property, you need to see us. All-Safe Pest & Termite cleans up fire ants, and we know how to get rid of ants in the house, too.

The Trick To Total Fire Ant Control For Your Property

Fire ants are a special case when it comes to pest control on your property. They are aggressive and can back up their aggression with painful stings. They expand rapidly and do not have to be close to their home to give you grief. 

If you see fire ants on your property or in your home, do not take chances, and do not delay. Give All-Safe Pest & Termite a call immediately, and we will deal with fire ants the only way we know how: quickly, completely, and professionally. 

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