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Is Professional Cricket Control Necessary For Homes In The Woodlands?

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cricket on blade of grass

When most people hear the word crickets, the first thing that comes to mind is their distinct sound. It’s unmistakable, and you can never forget it from the first time you hear it. The sound is essential for crickets because it is a mating call. Males use it to call out to females and make their presence known.

Surprisingly, they chirp by rubbing their front wings together, not their mouth as you would expect. When this happens outside at night, it might not bother you much, but it becomes a nuisance when the crickets are in your home. They are nocturnal, so you hear most of the noise at night.

If you have been kept awake at night in your Woodland home because of the loud cricket noises, it’s time you hire pest control in The Woodlands. All-Safe Pest & Termite is your best bet to eliminate the annoying crickets in your house. We have a lot of experience eliminating these insects from Woodlands homes, and we can replicate our success in yours.

What Do Crickets Look Like?

Grown house crickets are tan and have three circles around their heads. Other crickets in The Woodlands have many different colors, including green, yellowish, and black. They are relatively small compared to other insects since they are about 7/8 of an inch long. The cricket size and color make it hard to see them, especially in dark places. They have wings and thin antennae that are usually longer than the body. They have six legs; the front pair of legs are short, and the hind pair is bigger and stronger. Crickets look almost the same as grasshoppers, but they are shorter, and they chirp differently.

Is It Dangerous To Have Crickets In My House?

House crickets can destroy your property, including carpets, clothes, and anything covered with fabric. They usually prefer fabrics like synthetics, silk, cotton, and wool. When there are a few crickets inside your house, you will notice areas they have eaten on your fabric. However, if an army of them is in the house, you will see large patches and holes on fabrics or carpets where they have eaten. So, it is essential to eliminate them as quickly as possible before they ruin all your expensive fabrics. Home pest control in The Woodlands can come in handy if you have a cricket problem.

Crickets eat many other things when they are not in the house, such as seeds, mulch clippings, vegetables, grains, plants, flowers, and grasses. They can damage the plants in your garden since they eat plants. Adult crickets also eat smaller crickets and crickets in their nymph or larva stages. When in the house, they also eat paper and spilled food. They especially like eating from the garbage, which means they could carry bacteria, worms, and germs into your home and make you ill. Some of these pathogens they can harbor include salmonella and E. coli.

They can also cause a parasitic infection in pets if pets consume cricket waste since it usually contains worms. Additionally, if the pets eat crickets, their exoskeleton can affect the pet’s stomach and cause vomiting.

Another danger of having these pests around is that their predators can come around your property looking for them and create a bigger pest problem. These predators include snakes, raccoons, bats, toads, rats, mice, and frogs.

How And Why Crickets Find Their Way Into Your Home

Crickets can fly into a house through open doors or windows. They can also come in through laundry or other items you bring into the house. Sometimes, they get in through the cracks and crevices along the building structure, such as spaces in utility holes, siding, foundation, door, and window frames.

They are drawn to lighting and like flying and resting near outdoor lighting. They land on vertical places like walls and electric posts in thousands. Eventually, they find their way into the house. They usually move into a home during the cold weather searching for warmth and moisture. During the day, they hide in dark and warm areas.

If you have crickets in your Woodlands property, All-Safe Pest & Termite can come to your rescue with practical solutions for eliminating them.

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Way To Get Rid Of Cave Crickets

You are likely to fail miserably if you try to get rid of crickets using DIY methods. Luckily for you, All-Safe Pest & Termite is here to help you. We can get rid of crickets in The Woodlands homes and prevent the worst problem from happening. We will also help you keep the crickets from returning after identifying all the favorable factors in your home and removing them. We will eliminate a cricket infestation and help you restore peace and quietness in your Woodlands home. Contact us today for our affordable cricket control services in The Woodlands.

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