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What No One Will Tell You About Earwigs In Plano

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earwigs crawling on wood

Common home invaders with the smallest likelihood of kicking up a fuss, earwigs are some of the most terrifying-looking bugs in all of Texas state.

With long, trailing bodies, huge mandibles, and segmented antennae, the common house earwig is more frightening than most people can handle. There are more than 20 unique species of earwigs living in the United States, many of which are present during the hot, humid summers of Plano. Ranging from ¼ to 1 inch in size, the black, brown, and tan bodies of earwigs are easily identified by their peculiar backward curvature. Leaf piles, molds, fruits, and other insects compose the majority of the earwig’s diet.

You are most likely to encounter an earwig in the dark, moist, and untouched areas of your home. Frequenting bathrooms, basements, garages, and closets, these insects are constantly on the lookout for their next meal.

However, there is one thing that no one will tell you about these hideous-looking arthropods: they aren’t dangerous! Despite their spooky forms and scary pincers, earwigs do not pose any danger to your health and wellness. What’s more, their pincers are entirely incapable of breaking skin, rendering them helpless against human hosts and their furry companions. And that old wives' tale about earwigs crawling into your ears and burrowing into your brain? Untrue.

Plano Homeowner’s Earwig Prevention Tips

Even if earwigs create no personal, proprietary, or property damage for Plano homeowners, they are still unpleasant pests to have around. Reduce earwig populations by following these simple prevention tips.

  • Remove leaf piles, upturned compost piles, and wood chips from the lawn.
  • Seal up cracks and crevices around the home that could be allowing earwigs to make their way inside.
  • Waterproof sealants are preferred.
  • Trim any trees, bushes, or shrubs that are growing too close to the sides of the home.
  • Move all firewood piles to a location that is at least 25 feet away from the house.

DIY methods and prevention techniques are certainly helpful for those with earwig infestations, but the truth is that hand-to-hand combat is only so effective against this type of pest. For a thorough home inspection that tracks down the heart of the infestation, contact the service technicians at All-Safe Pest & Termite today.

Earwig Emergence? Energize With All-Safe Pest & Termite

Earwigs may not be the brain-eating monsters that the old wives’ tale suggests, but it won’t stop them from being an icky, sticky, uninvited guest in your Plano home. Large infestations may allude to greater, more subtle issues going on in your house or outdoor storage areas. For more advice or assistance related to the care of earwigs in your residential home, contact the caring professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite right away.

Life doesn’t stop for pest infestations, and we know this better than anyone. Using a holistic combination of Integrated Pest Management techniques, our staff members will deliver quality, affordable treatments that beat bugs fast. We take pride in using our green, eco-friendly treatments to protect you from more than just pests. All-Safe Pest & Termite is proud to keep hundreds of Plano residents safer, happier, and healthier with each pest treatment.

Earwigs may not be dangerous, but they sure are annoying. Call All-Safe Pest & Termite now for a free quote and comprehensive home inspection. Have some questions? Reach out to us online and chat with a helpful representative today. Your life is bound to be busy, no matter what kind of bugs choose to invade this summer. Get help with All-Safe Pest & Termite; we’ll take care of the rest!

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