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Take The Headache Out Of Houston's Spider Control

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A house spider in Houston

Trying to get rid of spiders can be an absolute pain. These pests usually do not go away on their own. This is a problem, especially if you do not like living with eight-legged, multi-eyed arachnids inside your home.

To help you combat spiders inside and around your Houston home, here are some things you should know about these pests. Call our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite - Houston if you need immediate assistance with these or other local pest problems. We will find a Houston spider removal option that will best take care of these pests for you.

Spider Behavior: How They Hunt, Feed, And Mate

Spiders have their own way of hunting, feeding, and mating. Now, not all types of spiders are the same. Many local species build webs to catch their prey. They build these webs in the corners of rooms, between surfaces, and in other areas. Other spiders hunt from the ground and use their dexterous limbs to catch their prey.

The thing all spiders share in common is how they feed. These pests inject venom into their victims. This venom turns their prey’s insides into a liquid that they can then suck out. This is not something spiders can do with humans or other creatures much larger than themselves.

Finally, there is mating. Some species mate once. Others lay eggs multiple times before they die. Either way, egg clutches often contain thousands of eggs. If you are not careful and do not deal with these pests fast, you could be dealing with thousands of baby spiders inside your home.

Why Spiders Invade Homes

There is one main reason why spiders invade homes here in Houston. They come indoors to hunt for food. If you didn’t know, spiders eat insects, arthropods, and even other arachnids. They will often get inside using gaps, holes, and other openings around the exterior of buildings. Once indoors, these eight-legged pests will search for areas to build webs or hunt for their prey from the ground. If they find tasty treats, which they usually do, they will stick around.

Our goal is to help you find an option to keep different kinds of spiders out of your home through every season. Here are some methods to help you with this.

Creating A Spider-Unfriendly Home Environment

Our goal is to help you stop spiders for good. Whether you are currently dealing with an active infestation of these pests or are looking for long-term methods to keep them out of your home, we have what you need.

Call our team today to learn more about our professional spider control offerings. We will walk you through our services and make sure your home and property do not attract these or other local pests.

Spider Prevention Tips That Work

In order to keep spiders out of your home, you will have to do one of two things. The first is to utilize these DIY tips and tricks.

  • Seal holes, gaps, and other potential entry points in your home’s exterior foundation using a caulking gun or some liquid cement.
  • Invest in window/door screens to replace any broken ones. Make sure all of your exterior doors and windows have proper seals with weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  • Turn off lights around your home when it gets dark out, or invest in bulbs that are less likely to attract bugs.

Your other and more effective option for preventing spiders lies with our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite - Houston. Talk with us today to learn more about our spider control near you or to make an appointment for your home.

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