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You are probably familiar with the millipedes, or at least their name. But how much do you actually know about them? Not a lot? That’s okay, their name is a bit misleading, and they don’t necessarily rank high on the home-invading pest list that people worry about. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be considered. Here are a few facts to get you started with this pest:

  • They don’t have as many legs as their name suggests. Although the number of legs depends on a species, millipedes can have up to 200 pairs of legs with two pairs per body segment.
  • They are worm-like anthropoids. Three characteristics of anthropoids are exoskeletons, bilateral symmetry, and segmented bodies.
  • Most species you will encounter will be dark brown, but some may have red and orange mottled markings

Most people don’t think about millipedes until they become a problem. Whether you have a current millipede problem or not, you should keep reading to understand how this pest can affect your Plano property and what to do about them.

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Are Millipedes A Nuisance Or Dangerous?

For the most part, millipedes are nuisance pests and pose no real threat to people, pets, or property because they don’t bite and are not known to transmit diseases. But skin contact can cause a minor rash for those that are allergic. They can also stain flooring, walls, and fabrics if crushed, but still, this is not nearly as bad as other pest infestations.

As millipedes have a vegetarian diet, they are actually helpful to the environment as decomposers. By breaking down dead plants, leaves, and other vegetation, they help to keep soil healthy, returning necessary nutrients to the ground.

Although millipedes are not directly dangerous to people, their presence can be a sign of an underlying moisture issue that should be addressed as high moisture on a property is an attractive factor for many pests. 

Are Millipedes Preventable?

As stated, millipedes in a home can be a sign of a moisture problem. Fixing moisture issues is one of several tips that can help you prevent millipedes from infesting your home. Other tips include:

Entry Points:

  • Seal potential entry points such as gaps in the foundation and around doors and window frames
  • Use mesh convinces over vent openings
  • Fill in spaces around utility lines and pipes where they enter the home

Moisture Issues:

  • Clear gutters and make sure they are directing water away from your home
  • Fix damaged window and door trim
  • Repair the roof if needed
  • Fix leaking pipes and faucets
  • Cut back foliage to help keep the soil dry

Maintain Your Yard:

  • Keep the grass cut short
  • Remove weeds and yard debris such as leaf piles and dead plants
  • Utilize a barrier between garden beds and the properties foundation

Keep in mind:

  • prevention is not always 100%. So you may need to turn to professionals for assistance.

Are Professionals Able To Control Millipedes?

If you are dealing with millipedes on your Plano property or want to make sure you are protected against them, contact the professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termites for more advice or assistance. We offer two residential protection programs that are customizable to fit all needs and budgets. With ongoing preventative pest control, you never have to worry about an infestation.


At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we only provide treatment using the latest products and techniques. And as a locally owned and family-operated company, we can ensure that you will only ever receive the highest quality of customer service. So call today for a free estimate and to get started with a home inspection to decide which program will be best for you.

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