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Termites are destructive insects and, if you're not aware, Dallas has the worst termites in the United States. They're called Formosan subterranean termites. If this species of termite gets into your Dallas home, it can be economically devastating. Why are Formosan termites so bad? They reproduce like crazy and colony sizes are typically above a million individuals. If you don't have active termite protection around your Dallas home, your home could be seriously damaged by Formosan and other subterranean termite species. It is best to know all you can. Here are some common questions we get about termites in Dallas.

What Are The Signs Of Termites In My Home?


  • The signs of a subterranean termite infestation are subtle. These insects can feed on a home for years without being detected. You'll need to be watchful to see these warning signs.
  • Shelter tubes are one of the first signs you'll see. These are mud structures created on your foundation walls, or on other exterior and interior walls. It is possible to see shelter tubes before extensive damage is done. Unfortunately, worker termites tend to create these tubes in the darkest areas. You'll probably have to climb under something or crawl into a dark, dirty place to find them. This is a lot of work and, even if you do several inspections a year, subterranean termites can slip past your watchful eyes.
  • You may be able to uncover termite workers. If you flip the wood over in your yard, cut into a stump or dying tree, dig soil away from fence posts, or look under mulch, you might see termite workers crawling around. They look a little bit like pale white ants.
  • Wood damage can alert you to an infestation, but subterranean termites do the majority of their damage on the interior of the wood. It is actually startling to look at a home that is filled with termites because it can look entirely intact. When damage starts to become noticeable, it is usually extensive.
  • One of the most noticeable warning signs is the appearance of swarmers. These are male and female-winged reproductives. They are created by a mature nest for the purpose of creating more nests. While hundreds of white-winged insects on your home are definitely noticeable, these swarms don't last for more than about 30 minutes. They are likely to swarm and disperse before you notice them. If they mate in your yard, you may find their white wings littered on the ground. Be aware that these wings are a sign of a current and mature infestation.

What Is The Cause Of Termites?


Subterranean termites are drawn to decaying wood. If you have sources of wood in your yard, you could draw the attention of termite swarmers or workers. But even without a single wood source in your yard, termites can detect your home by the shadow it casts. This can cause workers to come up and investigate. If they find the wood of your home, they can begin to feed on it. 

Can I Treat For Termites Myself?

We would strongly discourage you from making this mistake. If your DIY termite control fails, how will you know? It is best to have a professional safeguard your investment. A licensed and certified professional uses the most advanced products and methods to ensure the protection of your property.


If you live in Dallas, contact All-Safe Pest & Termite. We are the largest Sentricon® operator in the Western United States. We provide recurring treatments, one-time treatments, and pre-construction treatments. Trust your equity to the termite control experts. We have the experience to get the results you want.

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