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What Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants are reddish-brown to black insects. They are tiny insects, with adults only growing to between 1/8 and 3/8 of an inch long. Fire ants have strong mandibles they use to hold onto the skin of their victim; afterward, they use a stinger located on their back ends to deliver venom. Fire ants create distinctive nesting mounds. Their large, flat nests are irregular in shape and are an impressive 2-4 feet in size.

Fire Ant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

three fire ants eating a little black ant

Are fire ants dangerous?

Fire ants are quick to anger and attack anything they view as a threat to themselves or their nest. Simply walking past a nest is enough to trigger an attack. Fire ant stings are extremely painful and create a fire-like burning sensation. The venom they inject into their victim is strong enough to cause an allergic response in people and in the case of a group attack potentially triggering an anaphylactic shock.


In addition to the health risks they pose, fire ants have the potential to cause damage to farm crops, young plants, and house plants. Electrical equipment attracts fire ants inside homes and other buildings where they damage things like air-conditioners and circuit breakers. Fire ants are invasive and difficult to control, they are aggressive and will drive out other species of ants from an area.

Why do I have a fire ant problem?

Fire ants are a year-round problem, although they are most active in hot weather. Properties with open sunny places to nest draw fire ants to them. Unfortunately, most residential yards provide excellent nesting spots. They also get onto properties in new sod, trees, flowers, and plants purchased from a garden center. Fire ants are omnivores and feed on things like vegetables, fruit, meat, insects, and earthworms. Gardens, outdoor eating areas, trash cans, compost bins, and pet food are all possible food sources for fire ants.

Where will I find fire ants?

One place you won’t find fire ants is in heavily wooded areas that are full of shade. These sun-loving pests prefer open spaces to build their nests. Yards, parks, and golf courses are all places fire ants nest. They’ll place their nest in the middle of grassy areas, near foundations, or along fence lines. You’ll also find them in the soil along rivers, ponds, and streams. Fire ants prefer to live outdoors, but every once and a while, they will make their way inside through spaces around air conditioning units or openings in exterior walls.

How do I get rid of fire ants?

Locally owned and family-operated, All-Safe Pest & Termite is the best choice to get rid of fire ants from your home or business. We offer fast response times and peace of mind knowing that your pest problems will be solved, and they won’t return. Our experienced professionals provide top-quality pest control services using the latest and most effective products to eliminate fire ants from Dallas properties. Discover why your neighbors choose All-Safe Pest & Termite for their pest control needs. Give us a call today!

How can I prevent fire ants in the future?

Prevent problems with fire ants by partnering with All-Safe Pest & Termite and by implementing the following prevention tips:

  • Inspect the exterior of your home and seal up any gaps you find.
  • Place tight-fitting lids on outdoor trashcans or compost bins.
  • Keep outdoor eating areas free of food debris.
  • Do not overwater your lawn.
  • Remove fallen trees and stumps from your yard.
  • At the first sign of fire ants on your property, contact All-Safe Pest & Termite.

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