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Effective Pest Control In Friendswood, Texas

Founded in 1895 and incorporated in 1960, the town of Friendswood, TX, is a great place to call home. Abundant with figs, oranges, and rice of the Gulf Coast, our town developed as a farming community and has attracted many farmers throughout the Houston area. Clear Creek divides our town and includes properties in two different counties, and we have a population of over 41,000 people. We've come a long way since the 19th century, but our quaker roots still shape the character of our town today.


However, the town's character is compromised when pests become a problem. If you own a home or business here in Friendswood, your property is at risk for pest infestation, and that's an absolute nightmare you don't want to face, especially not alone. The good news is that you don't have to. All-Safe Pest & Termite is here to tackle your residential and commercial pest control needs. 


We are a family-owned and operated pest control company that services homes and businesses throughout Galveston and Harris Counties and the surrounding areas. Since 1984, we've been servicing properties throughout the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area with comprehensive pest solutions that are safe, fast, and effective. We deal with local pest species, including termites, mosquitoes, rodents, ants, cockroaches, spiders, earwigs, stinging insects, fleas, and ticks. Whatever household pest infestation you're up against, we've got your back. Reach out today for your free estimate.

Residential Pest Control In Friendswood, TX

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Household pest infestation is a massive threat to you and your family, and it’s crucial to secure the protection you deserve. Here at All-Safe Pest & Termite, we provide year-round coverage for household pest infestation. No two infestations are the same, which is why we tailor an individualized approach that deals with the specific needs of your property. We provide a variety of home pest control and prevention services, such as:

  • Exterior fire ant control

  • Exterior spider web removal

  • Exterior rodent baiting

  • Infrared camera inspection

  • Termite colony elimination system

  • Termite baiting

  • Termite service warranty

We also offer green, low-toxicity treatments, and our home interior warranty promises you lasting results or your money back. Our simple pricing structure works with you to find cost-effective solutions you can count on in the long term. Our home pest control plans include: 
Safe Select Pest Control

  • Starting at $69.99 per month

  • Home pest control

  • All-Safe service guarantee

  • Home interior warranty

  • Exterior fire ant control

  • Exterior spider web removal 

  • Exterior rodent baiting

  • Pest prevention services

Protection Plus Pest & Termite Control 

  • Starting at $49.99 per month

  • Safe Select +

  • Infrared camera inspection

  • Termite colony elimination system

  • Termite baiting

  • Termite service warranty

Our goal is to bring you and your loved ones pest-free conditions that make you feel safe and comfortable in your own home. Get in touch with us today to request your free, no-obligation estimate. We’ll walk you through our residential pest control process and get the process started right away.

Commercial Pest Control In Friendswood, TX

Owning a business is a lot of work, but things become exponentially more difficult when pests get in the way. If you’re worried about pest activity in your Friendswood business, we’re here to help. Our team provides comprehensive commercial pest control solutions to a long list of facilities, including warehouses, doctors’ offices, strip malls, shopping centers, office buildings, churches, and many others. We operate with your specific facility in mind, offering an efficient process that is effective and guaranteed. Our commercial pest series include:

  • We provide an inspection and identification of pest activity and entry points.

  • We create customized service plans and targeted treatments.

  • We will analyze, monitor, and provide prevention services throughout the year.

Our pest control technicians are all state-certified with their structural termite license, and they undergo continuous training to bring you the most updated pest management methods in the industry. We also provide fast response times because we know there’s no time to waste eliminating pest activity from your business. Call today for your free, no-obligation estimate.

Why You Should Avoid DIY Rodent Control In Friendswood

It’s safe to say you don’t want rodents running around your Friendswood property. These intruders are highly unsanitary, and not only do they expose your property to serious damage, but they also pose a variety of health threats to you and everyone else on the property. 


When dealing with a rodent infestation, it can be tempting to try and handle the problem on your own, and while there are many DIY rodent control methods on the market, the truth is they’re not as effective as you’d think. Handling the problem yourself is a noble effort but largely ineffective in the long run. Here are some reasons to stay away from DIY rodent control:

  • These methods don’t cover all rodent entry points, as many cannot be seen or accessed easily.

  •  It fails to address the whole problem as DIY traps only give you short-lived results.

  • You’ll spend a lot more money through trial, error, and repeated treatments in the long run. 

Only a professional pest control company can bring you the lasting results you want. All-Safe Pest & Termite is here to help. Our team has the expertise to treat hard-to-reach spaces. We address the infestation with a large-scale approach, working to eliminate the problem in one full sweep rather than putting you through repeated treatments that are only temporary. 


Call us today for the most dependable rodent solutions in the area. Our rodent control and prevention services allow local property owners continued protection from rodent damage, ensuring these pests don’t return. Reach out for your detailed service quote.

The Trick To Effective Tick Control For Friendswood Property Owners 

You love to spend time outside, but the threat of ticks is hard to ignore. Getting bitten by a tick can feel entirely out of your control. These parasites latch onto their hosts and begin feeding, unbeknownst to us and potentially undetected for long periods of time.
The good news is that you can take some preventive measures to reduce your chances of getting a tick infestation. Here are three a few tricks for effectively controlling ticks around your Friendswood property:

  • Use insect repellent before participating in outdoor activities and treat your clothing with/buy clothing pre-treated with permethrin.

  • Stay out of tall grass, brush, and wooded areas. Stay in the center of trails when walking, hiking, running, etc., and check everyone (including pets) for any ticks after being outside. 

  • Shower promptly after spending time outdoors, and tumble dry your clothing on high heat for ten minutes to kill off any ticks.

Implementing these preventive measures can go a long way in keeping yourself protected from ticks, but unfortunately, none of them are entirely effective. The most reliable way to deal with tick activity is to call All-Safe Pest & Termite experts. We are here to address all of your tick control and prevention needs. Our experienced team is highly successful in detecting, treating, and preventing tick infestations, and we’re here to protect you. Contact us to get started.

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