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Scorpions can cause you to jump. You lift a towel that is sitting near the pool and suddenly, you're jumping. You lift a board and find a scorpion tucked underneath, you jump. You open the cabinet under your bathroom sink, find a scorpion, and you jump. If you'd like to not have scorpions making you jump, you're going to like our topic today. Let's look at the problems scorpions in The Woodlands present and how to get rid of these, potentially painful, pests.

What's The Most Common Home-Invading Scorpion In The Woodlands?

There are over 18 types of scorpions in Texas. The most common home-invading scorpion in The Woodlands is also the most commonly encountered scorpion in the United States. If you live in Texas, it is likely that you can name this scorpion. It is the striped bark scorpion. Why does it get into our homes? In the wild, these scorpions hide under bark. That's why they're called bark scorpions. When they come upon your home, they may try to hide under your siding, like they would the bark of a tree. They also get into gaps and cracks, like they would the gaps in a tree. This brings them inside.

How Dangerous Is A Scorpion's Sting?

There are different kinds of scorpions. How dangerous they are depends upon the species. In Texas, there are no medically important scorpions. A sting from a striped bark scorpion may be painful, but it is not deadly. There is some confusion surrounding striped bark scorpions due to the Arizona bark scorpion, which is widely considered to be the most venomous of all North American scorpions. The striped bark scorpion is an entirely different species with a venom that is only mildly toxic to humans.

How Can I Naturally Keep Scorpions Away From My House?

If you know what attracts scorpions, you can use natural methods to deter them, such as:

  • Remove lawn clutter. Scorpions hide in cool, shaded locations. Any object in your yard can offer a hiding place for scorpions.

  • Move wood away from your exterior. Scorpions have a preference for hiding under wood. If you have stacked wood or brush piles, you shouldn't be surprised to find scorpions underneath.

  • Keep on top of yard work. Scorpions hide under organic debris and leaf piles. Blow leaves out of your landscaping and out from underneath your deck and other exterior structures. Rake up leaf piles in your yard and bag them.

  • Trim branches that come near to your exterior walls or roofline. Striped bark scorpions climb these to get onto your home.

  • Seal any gaps and cracks in your exterior, particularly around door and window frames. Replace weatherstripping if you're seeing gaps. Realign double doors that have gaps. Install door sweeps on doors that don't have them. 

  • Address the food sources scorpions eat. They're looking for lizards, mice, and other small creatures in your yard. A residential pest control plan gives your home year-round protection from general pests and reduces the food scorpions eat.

  • Remove weeds and unnecessary vegetation. These provide damp and cool hiding places.

  • Clean your gutters. When water flows over the sides of your gutters, your perimeter becomes damp. This is inviting to scorpions.

  • Fix plumbing issues. If you have spigots, sprinklers, or hoses that are leaking, these can dampen the ground and attract scorpions.

  • Keep towels and clothing picked up. If you have a pool, it is a good idea to refrain from laying items down that scorpions can get under.

Along with natural scorpion pest management, be sure to perform routine inspections to detect scorpion activity. Look for shed skins during the day or use a black light to detect scorpions at night. If you find scorpions or detect scorpion activity, reach out to a pest management professional for treatment.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Scorpion Problem?

When you find scorpions around your home or, God forbid, inside your home, reach out to All-Safe Pest & Termite for pest control in The Woodlands. We offer a variety of effective solutions to scorpion problems. If you're dealing with an infestation, we can locate the scorpions in your home, uncover signs of scorpion activity, evaluate conducive conditions, and perform a systematic treatment strategy to arrest the infestation. 

If you don't have scorpions in your home yet, we can help you keep them out. At the first sign of scorpions in your yard (or long before) we can get you started with a year-round pest control plan that includes coverage for scorpions. You don't have to wait until you're being jumped by scorpions in your home. Reach out to us today. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we offer the most advanced and trusted solutions for pests in The Woodlands.  

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