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We all know that mosquitoes are irritating pests that leave puffy welts on the skin. These welts can be very itchy. We also know that mosquitoes can transmit diseases, such as West Nile and Zika virus. But how concerned should you be about mosquito bites in Frisco? Let's look at the facts. Here's everything you need to know about Frisco mosquitoes and what works best to keep mosquitoes from biting you.

What Kind Of Mosquitoes Are There In Frisco?

When it comes to determining whether or not a mosquito is dangerous, you need to consider the species. Some mosquitoes don't readily bite humans. They have a preference for animals. But telling the difference between different types of mosquitoes can be a difficult task. We have over 80 mosquito species in Texas. We're not going to get into each. What you need to know most is that there are only a few species that are a serious threat to humans. On the top of this list are mosquitoes that fall into the genus Aedes or Culex. These readily bite humans and are known to spread endemic diseases.

Does Every Mosquito Bite Spread Disease?

The next factor to consider when determining how dangerous mosquito bites can be is to consider the diseases that can be spread by mosquitoes in America. Scary diseases, like malaria, yellow fever, and Zika virus are not found in local animal populations. These, and other external mosquito diseases, currently spread during outbreaks only. The disease of most concern in the U.S. is West Nile virus. The mosquitoes that spread West Nile virus are Culex sp. According to the CDC, 1 out of 150 people infected with West Nile virus develop serious and sometimes fatal symptoms.

How Can I Protect Myself From Getting Bitten By Mosquitoes?

The last factor to consider when determining how dangerous mosquito bites can be is linked to how often you're getting bites from mosquitoes—no matter what species they are. The common way Frisco residents guard against mosquito bites is to apply personal protection. Here are a few examples:

  • Mosquito repellent with DEET is considered to be one of the best ways to repel mosquitoes. It is long-lasting and highly effective.

  • Mosquito netting is another effective way to keep mosquitoes away. Nets can be used to keep mosquitoes out of outdoor recreation areas, and clothing with netting can keep mosquitoes off you when you're outside working in the yard.

  • Some people ward off bites by wearing light colors, or by wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants.

  • Refraining from drinking alcohol outside can make you less of a target for mosquitoes. It only takes one beer to catch the attention of a mosquito.

These personal preventative measures can be uncomfortable or not preferable. If you're looking for a way to prevent mosquito bites while in your yard, there is a far better way to keep mosquitoes from biting you. The secret is to keep mosquitoes away from your yard.

What's The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From My Yard?

Many residents get pest control in Frisco for mosquito control. There is no better way to get rid of mosquitoes. Here are a few reasons why mosquito control works so well:

  • Have you noticed that mosquitoes start to appear around you in a matter of seconds when you go out into your yard? It isn't because they're out there flying around 24/7. It is because they're hiding in vegetation and other places on your property. When you have a licensed professional apply a mist product to key areas around your home, it prevents mosquitoes from hiding near your home.

  • Do you know that almost all the mosquitoes that bite you on your property are mosquitoes that hatched on your property? Certain pest mosquitoes don't travel more than a few hundred feet from where they hatch. Routine treatments prevent female mosquitoes from laying hundreds of eggs in your yard.

  • Do you know that mosquitoes can come into your yard for a number of reasons? They may enter your yard to feed on nectar from flowering weeds or to get a drink from a puddle. They may enter your yard because they detect carbon dioxide when you have an outdoor gathering. They may enter your yard simply because it's the next yard to enter. Whatever the reason, routine mosquito treatments stay active between service visits and provide ongoing protection for ever-encroaching mosquito pests.

If you'd like to learn more about mosquito control or would like to request service for your Frisco home, we'd love to speak with you. Reach out to us here at All-Safe Pest & Termite. We can help you prevent mosquito bites in your yard and reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases. Connect with us today.   

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