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In most cases, spiders in Houston aren't dangerous at all. The majority of spiders that will come into your yard are less of a threat than a wasp. An allergic reaction to a wasp sting has the potential to cause anaphylaxis. Spider bites rarely cause an allergic reaction, and most spiders have a venom that is too weak to impact human health. But, of course, all Houston spiders are not harmless spiders.


Let's take a look at two spiders in Houston that are considered dangerous, how concerned you should be about them, what works best to get rid of spiders, and when it is time to contact a professional for pest control in Houston for a spider problem.

Types Of Dangerous Spiders In Houston & What They Look Like

You probably know the two spiders in Houston that present a risk to human health. They're famous spiders. They are the recluse spiders and widow spiders. Here's how you can identify either of these spiders on your property or inside your home.

Recluse Spiders

A recluse spider is about the size of a quarter and brown in coloration. It will have a dark brown violin marking on its back. This marking may be difficult to see, due to the size of the spider.

Widow Spiders

A widow spider can be black or brown. Females have a red (or orange) hourglass shape on the bottom of the abdomen. Young spiders may have red dots or orange dots. Male widow spiders are smaller than females and look quite a bit different. We recommend looking at some photos of these spiders to help you with identification. If you see a male widow spider on your property, it can alert you to the female spider (or spiders) that you haven't seen yet.

Brown Recluse & Black Widow: How Bad Their Bites Can Be

It is likely that you know why these scary spiders are considered dangerous. The venom of a brown recluse can cause spreading necrosis and lead to disfiguring wounds. The venom of a widow spider can send you to the hospital. But, how worried should you be?

  • Recluse spiders rarely bite people. Most wounds attributed to these spiders are not actually recluse bites. If you are bitten, it is important to seek medical attention, but keep in mind that only a small percentage of bites have "spreading" necrosis. Usually, the necrosis will be restricted to an ulcer at the center of the wound.

  • Widow spiders can make you very sick and send you to the hospital, but it is important to be aware that the last death from one of these spiders in the United States was in 1983. While these are definitely scary spiders, they're not as dangerous as you might think. There is more good news. Widow spiders are outdoor spiders. If they get into your home, they're not likely to stay.

Where You Might Find Dangerous Spiders Around Your Home

Dangerous spiders hang out in low areas - recluse spiders even get into ground holes. If you find tangled spider webs in low places, they could be webs from one of these two spiders. You'll also find their webs in the voids of objects in your yard, like the holes of a cinder block, or the pipes on a playset. Often, removing brush piles, scrap wood, leaf piles, stone piles, and other yard clutter is enough to keep widow spiders away. These outdoor spiders are strongly dependent on hiding places and harborage.

How To Safely Get Rid Of A Dangerous Spider Infestation

Do you have spiders in your house or would you like to get rid of spiders on your property so that they don't get inside? The best solution is to invest in a residential pest control program. Not only does a high-quality pest control program address spider webs and directly reduce spider populations, but it will also address the food source that attracts spiders to your property.


The side benefit of this is that all of those insects and bugs will also be controlled. On top of this, pest control professionals who use Integrated Pest Management, will apply pest management methods that provide long-lasting results, such as the sealing of gaps, cracks, and holes in the exterior of your home. 

If you need assistance with this, you can reach out to All-Safe Pest & Termite. Ongoing pest control around your home reduces the insects that spiders eat, removes webs and egg sacs, and provides other pest management that deters spiders and other pests. There is no better way to reduce unwanted appearances of spiders in your house. While most spiders are mostly harmless spiders, life is a lot nicer without them around. Connect with All-Safe Pest & Termite today and make spider sightings in your home a thing of the past.

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