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When spiders make appearances inside Plano homes, it is usually because there are lots of spiders just outside. While it is certainly important to directly work to keep spiders out by sealing gaps and cracks in your exterior and roofline, the most effective way to keep spiders out is to take steps to reduce spiders around your home. We have a few ideas that will help.

Spider Eggs

When spiders come into your yard, they create webs and webbing. This material can be unsightly, but some Plano residents allow spider webs to sit. It is widely understood that spiders help to control flies, mosquitoes, and other harmful pests. This is true. It is beneficial to have spiders on your property. They are a helpful piece in the pest control puzzle. But spiders do not come close to replacing a pest control technician. It is far better to hire a human to do the job of controlling pests on your property. There is also a downside to having webs. Inside spider webs there can be egg sacs. A single egg sac can have 300 spider eggs in it. The last thing you need is for all those eggs to hatch on your property. Remove spider webs as soon as you see them. The tool for this job is a spider web removal tool. Attach it to a long pole to get spider webs on your roofline.  


Spiders don't eat trash, but they feed on the insects that do. If your trash receptacle has an odor, or flies are able to get into your trash because it doesn't have a cover, you will have more fly activity. More flies means more spiders. You can reduce this activity by routinely disinfecting your trash receptacles and by bagging your trash and keeping it in covered receptacles. The plastic of your trash bags helps to contain the smell, and the cover adds one more layer of protection.


Many insects are attracted to light. If your home is bright at night, and you don't have routine pest control treatments to address the insects that are attracted by those lights, you're going to have more spider activity.

  • Keep lights off at night except in areas of your property where there is a concern regarding security. If you have a light that is away from your exterior walls and it illuminates a garage or storage shed, it may be okay to keep that one on.

  • Replace white lights with yellow lights. Insects are drawn to light. The trick with yellow light is that insects can't see that spectrum. When you flick a yellow light on, insects don't know it.

  • Don't forget to consider the light that leaks out of your windows at night. Keep your blinds closed and shades drawn to hold the light inside.


Spiders, and the insects spiders eat, are attracted to water sources. If you have a moisture problem, you will have more trouble with pests. A common source of moisture problems is a clogged or broken gutter system. Make sure rainwater is being captured by your gutters and properly flowing down and away from the exterior of your home.


If you have lush vegetation in your yard, you're going to have lots of insects and spiders. This includes gardens, berry bushes, and fruit trees. While it is impractical to remove your lush vegetation to get control of spiders, there are a few things you can do to make it less attractive to spiders.

  • Remove weeds and unwanted grasses that get into your landscaping. This removes food sources for insects.

  • Trim bushes, shrubs, and ornamental plants, particularly near the base. This allows for better airflow and drying conditions in your landscaping.

  • Keep your plants healthy. Unhealthy plants have a scent that attracts certain insects.

  • Keep your grass trimmed and remove tall grass that is next to your exterior walls.

Hiding Places

Spiders hide in many things. The more "things" you have in your yard, the more spider activity you're likely to have. Let's define a few things that spiders will use.

  • A woodpile is very attractive to spiders. If you store campfire wood, scraps from a renovation, or construction materials, all of these can lure spiders into your yard.

  • Dead branches stacked in a pile are very attractive, particularly to black widow spiders.

    A toy left out in the yard.

  • A bucket used for yard work.

  • A lawnmower stored next to the home in a sheltered location.

  • Leaves and other organic debris attract insects and other bugs. These attract spiders.

Professional Spider Control In Plano Texas


If you live in Plano and you want the best possible control for spiders, we can help. We provide year-round pest control service for Plano residents. Reach out to us through our contact page to schedule a visit, and say goodbye to spiders.

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