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It's scary to think that tiny wood-eating insects could feed on your property for years and cause damage that is frustrating or impossible to completely correct. Sadly, this happens when homes in Fort Worth aren't properly protected. Termite damage is almost inevitable.


Today, we're going to take a look at a few ways you can make your yard less interesting to termites, examine a few ways Fort Worth residents leave themselves vulnerable to termite damage, and discuss quickly how All-Safe Pest & Termite provides the best solution for proactive termite control.

How You May Convince Termites To Leave

The termites that are a concern in Fort Worth are, primarily, subterranean termites. There are two ways a subterranean termite could come into your yard. A worker could tunnel through the soil, or a winged reproductive could fly into your yard. There isn't a whole lot you can do to prevent winged reproductives from coming into your yard because they quickly survey the area for a place to establish a nest and will often select a spot that isn't ideal, simply so that they don't die before creating a nest.


If you alter conditions to prevent winged termites from selecting your property, they may select it anyway. But worker termites can be successfully deterred. Here are a few examples:

  • Pick up dead branches frequently and burn them as you collect them. Don't leave any branch piles in your yard, unless you store the branches on an elevated structure to get them up off the ground.

  • Don't leave scrap wood on the ground after building projects.

  • Never bury wood in the ground.

  • Remove leaves as you rake or blow them out of your lawn and landscaping. Be sure to blow leaves out from underneath your deck and other structures.

  • Store building materials on a metal surface that prevents termites from gaining access to the wood. This isn't 100 percent necessary, as building materials are often pressure-treated, but it can prevent wood that sits too long on the ground from becoming a food source for termites.

  • Address any wood-to-soil contact. If you have a deck with wood supports that go into the ground, consider putting your deck on concrete supports and rest the wood supports on the concrete.

DIY Termite Control

We live in the information age. There is quick access to a torrent of information on how you can prevent termites from damaging your property. But some of the tips given by internet "experts" have no impact on termites at all, or actually make termite problems worse. Some tips offer a solution that could work, but the products suggested don't work. Some tips direct readers or viewers to products that are used by professionals, but when deployed wrong, they become inert and leave structures vulnerable.

  • An example of a bad idea is putting a food source on your property that is away from your home. Termites will not feed on that ideal food source and leave your home untouched. Worker termites feed on multiple sources at the same time and giving them a plentiful food source will only result in colony growth. It is also suggested that termites will get into the food, such as rotting wood or cardboard, and you just pick that material up and burn the termites along with the materials. You can kill a few termites this way, but you'll only be killing a tiny fraction of the colony population.

  • Termiticides and baits are not all created equal. There are many products that just don't work. One example is termiticides that kill termites on contact. Workers learn where these products are and they avoid them.

  • When an effective termiticide or bait is selected, these products can fall short when they are not deployed correctly. While new technologies are amazing, they're not plug-and-play. The leading manufacturers of these technologies know this, that's why they certify technicians to use their products.

How All-Safe Pest & Termite Protects Fort Worth Properties

The experts here at All-Safe Pest & Termite trust The Sentricon® System with Always Active™. It is an award-winning termite bait solution that has revolutionized termite control. Not only will it actively work to eliminate colonies as workers come into your yard, but it also makes termite detection a breeze. One of the chief downfalls of termiticide treatments is that these products must be evaluated by a surface inspection. Termites can be very difficult to detect, even by a professional. When termites take the Sentricon® bait, your technician will know it, and you will know it.

Protect Your Fort Worth Property

We're always standing by to answer questions and guide residents and business owners in establishing effective termite protection for their Fort Worth properties. We'd love the opportunity to help you. Reach out to us today.  

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