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Your Dallas property could be a minefield. At any moment, you can put your hand in a hole, crawl underneath a structure, or lift something off the ground, and feel the awful sting of a scorpion. While we don't have a wide variety of scorpions in the Dallas area, the scorpions that do call Dallas home are to be taken seriously, in particular the striped bark scorpion. The sting of a bark scorpion can have you rushing to the hospital. Fortunately, these insects aren't looking to sting humans. They only sting when they are disturbed or threatened. But, while it is possible to live with scorpions in your yard, or even in your home, it is best to not have them around just to avoid any misunderstandings. Today, we're going to offer up a few quick tips that may help you resist scorpions.

Tip 1: Moisture Control

Scorpions need water, like any other creature. They'll be drawn to a damp perimeter, and they may take advantage of gaps around moisture points to gain access to your home. If you want fewer issues with scorpions, we recommend doing the following.

  • Have your gutters cleaned out - When rain runs down your roof, it is essential that it is collected by your gutter system and drained away from your perimeter. Clogs and breaks can cause oversaturation of the ground near your home. This causes prolonged dampness that attracts scorpions and other pests.

  • Fix anything that leaks - If you have a bucket or barrel with a leak, repair them. If you have a kiddie pool that you pour out in the yard, make sure you do it away from your exterior. If you have a leaking hose that runs to your sprinkler, get that fixed. Anything that causes dampness will inspire scorpions to live near you.

  • Address dense vegetation and overwatering - Your plants don't have to be damp to be healthy. They just need groundwater. Consider watering your plants in the early morning and let the water soak into the ground. This will promote a drier habitat near your foundation.

Tip 2: Address Wood Rot

Scorpions will hide inside rotten holes in wood. If you have a stump, log, or tree that has heart rot, it can attract scorpions. If you have an old, rotted fence, or your deck is starting to have rotted areas, these should be repaired. Stacks of wood on the ground, wooden borders around gardens and landscaping, brush piles—all of these can be hiding places for scorpions. Address wood-to-soil contact throughout your yard and around your home.

Tip3: Get Rid Of Yard Objects

Do you have stuff that doesn't need to be in your yard? It is best to store those items inside or remove them from your property. Scorpions hide under pretty much any objects that touch the ground. While they have a preference for organic items, such as wood, stone, or vegetation, they'll hide under an old truck tire or an appliance that is being temporarily stored outside.

Tip 4: Yard Maintenance

We might be beating a dead horse here, but it is important to keep your yard free of leaves, fronds, dead grass, and other organic debris. Also consider debris that might be considered organic to a scorpion, such as cardboard, paper, and other paper products. It is best to not have things lying on the ground or stacked in a pile within your garage if you can help it.

How To Keep Scorpions Out Of Your Home

Once you've addressed the conditions that could make scorpions want to live in your yard and explore the exterior of your home, you need to consider entry points if you want to keep them out. Keep in mind that scorpions don't just get into your home through entry points that are at ground level. Bark scorpions can climb. This will give them access to points of entry that are above ground level:

  • Inspect and repair screens.

  • Seal gaps around screens and frames.

  • If you have weep holes, make sure they are protected.

  • Seal foundation cracks and gaps around water mains.

  • Replace old weatherstripping or door sweeps.

  • Use a caulking gun to fill in any gaps.

How Pest Control Can Help

When scorpions come into your yard, they look for food. A quality pest control program around your home will not only give you targeted control for scorpions, but you'll also get general treatments and pest maintenance to manage the food sources that attract scorpions—namely bugs and insects. If you have questions, or you'd like to request a pest evaluation for your Dallas property, we're here to help. Contact us today for immediate assistance. You don't have to live with scorpions.

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