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When you find ants crawling around on food packages in your pantry, it can make you wonder whether or not they will make you sick. You probably know that ants can spread harmful bacteria from dirty trash bins to stored foods. When you see ants crawling around in your driveway and scaling the frames of your exterior walls, it can make you wonder whether or not your home is at risk of being destroyed. You probably know that carpenter ants can be a serious threat to the wood in your home. But knowing that ants can make you sick and/or damage your home is not enough. If you want to safeguard your health and protect your property from damage, you need to understand how ants spread illness and damage your property, and what species are the greatest threat. Here's what you need to know about ants in Fort Worth, Texas.

How Ants Make You Sick

Most ants are attracted to moist environments and decaying organic matter. In these environments, ants can be exposed to microorganisms that can make you sick. They'll climb around in sewers and drains. They'll climb around on dead animals. They'll climb around on dog droppings. Fortunately, many ant species do well at grooming themselves and each other. They are likely to remove harmful organisms before they get into your home. Therefore, keeping your home clean is key to preventing illness.


One ant that is a particular threat in Fort Worth is the Pharoah ant. It is attracted to the open wounds of livestock, pets, and wildlife. They're also pernicious interior pests. If you see these ants in your Fort Worth home, you should have them dealt with quickly by a licensed professional. A Pharoah ant is a mere 1/16 of an inch. It has a light yellow to red coloration with a dark abdomen. These ants aren't just a bacterial threat, they also spread pathogens.

How Ants Damage Your Property

Most ants won't damage your property. Even some carpenter ant species won't damage your property. Some species will establish nests in voids rather than inside the wood of your home. Property identification is key to protecting your property from the threat of carpenter ants. While it is best to have a licensed pest control professional identify the ants that are getting into the wood of your home, one carpenter ant species may be distinct enough for you to distinguish it from other ants and other carpenter ant species. It is the black carpenter ant. This ant is entirely black and the workers range in size from 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch in length. Black carpenter ants start by damaging rotted wood but can move into unrotted timbers within your home.

Other Ways Ants Can Be Dangerous

Ants don't just spread illness and damage your home. There are other unique threats they can present.


Fire ants can sting you. The sting of a fire ant can be a serious threat to anyone who has an allergy. This allergy can develop later in life so you should never take any chances with fire ants. Have them eliminated immediately.


Crazy ants can damage electronics and vehicles. These ants can come into your yard by the millions and get into circuit boxes, electronic devices, and the engines within your vehicles.

The Worst Ants In Fort Worth

As you can see, four types of ants that are the worst of the worst: Pharoah ants, black carpenter ants, fire ants, and crazy ants. If you see any of these ants around or inside your Fort Worth home, contact All-Safe Pest & Termite for effective ant control. Our highly-trained pest control professionals are familiar with the ant species that threaten health and property in Fort Worth. We can guide you in properly identifying the ant pests you're dealing with and provide you with industry-leading ant control solutions to get control of your ant problem. We can also provide ongoing, proactive exterior protection to prevent ant problems before they start.


If you have questions or you'd like to schedule a service, connect with us today. We look forward to assisting you with your ant control needs.

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