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Do you wonder how some individuals accomplish much more than most people? Everyone has only 24 hours each day, but some people seem to achieve more in one day than others do in several. The key is time management. Those with a game plan get more done. They set their goals, don't waste time, and focus on checking off items on their list. 

If you want to accomplish a goal, you have to have a plan. In the same way, when you see scorpions on your property, you need to develop a strategy to remove them quickly before someone gets hurt. You not only need a removal game plan, but you need a process to keep them away. 

When you notice scorpions, the first step in your game plan must be to use the Katy pest control team from All-Safe Pest & Termite. A successful strategy involves using experts with the tools, experience, and knowledge to eradicate scorpions. Our independent pest control company has eliminated scorpions using low-toxicity treatments since the 1980s. Over the decades, we have received thousands of five-star reviews proving our success and customer satisfaction. As a "Top Pick" in an independent survey of over 10,000 homeowners, we know how to resolve your scorpion problem. 

We wrote this article about scorpions to answer questions so you can stay safe from scorpions. So, please keep reading as you put together your game plan to rid your property of these painful creatures. 

What Are Scorpions?

What do scorpions, spiders, mites, and ticks have in common? They are arachnids. You may be thinking, "Okay. I have no clue what an arachnid is." So, here's a little information about these creepy, crawling creatures. 

Characteristics of arachnids include:

  • Eight jointed legs
  • Two body segments 
  • Two mouthpart appendages
  • No wings
  • No antennae

Arachnids are not like wasps, ants, termites, or flies, which are insects. Insects have six legs, antennae, three body segments (head, thorax, and abdomen), and wings or wing pads. 

When you compare spiders, mites, and ticks to scorpions, you notice that scorpions have bigger bodies. While other arachnids have bodies ranging from less than an inch to about two inches with their legs fully extended (i.e., some spiders), scorpions are 2 to 4 inches long. 

In addition to their body size, the large pinchers (pedipalps) are another distinguishing feature of scorpions. These appendages are part of the chelicerae, are in front of the scorpion's mouth, and are used to hold their prey. Scorpions are highly sensitive to ground vibrations, which allows them to sense when a potential victim is nearby. When a scorpion detects a future meal nearby, it will attack it and use its pinchers to hold it as it secretes liquifying digestive fluids into the victim. As the digestive juices break down the prey's body, the scorpion sucks body parts into its stomach. 

The segmented tail (metasoma) with a stinger is another feature unique to scorpions. In the case of large prey (e.g., lizards, mice, or another small mammal), the scorpion will sting and inject venom to paralyze the victim so it can begin liquifying its internal organs and soft bones for consumption. In addition to stinging, a scorpion uses its tail to dig and mate.  

There are about 1,200 scorpion species worldwide. Texas is home to the striped bark, Texas cave, Trans-Pecos smooth claw, and lesser stripe tail scorpions ranging in color from yellowish brown to tan. The striped bark scorpion is in the Katy area and is a problem for homeowners. This scorpion species is identifiable by two blackish stripes running parallel down its body. Another identifying feature is a dark triangular marking on its head (carapace). The pinchers and tails on striped bark scorpions are slender. 

Get rid of scorpions in your yard by calling locally-owned All-Safe Pest & Termite. Our trained technicians can identify the scorpion species infesting your lawn and will work with you to develop a game plan for their immediate removal. 

The Problems Scorpions Can Create Around Your Home

Contrary to their depictions in movies, scorpions are not aggressive toward humans. If they see you in the yard, they dart beneath rocks, wood scraps, and other hiding locations to avoid detection. Scorpions in Texas will only sting if they feel threatened. Most people don't want to be near or play with scorpions, yet many Katy residents are stung by these arachnids when they accidentally step on a hiding location forcing the scorpion to react.

Scorpions live underneath wood scraps, rocks, and debris in the yard. Bark scorpions are so-called because they do not burrow underneath objects but hide in dense vegetation, fallen logs, and in homes.

Scorpions in Texas homes are often bark scorpions because, in addition to hiding outside, they can climb trees and use tree branches and tall shrubs to access attics where they enter through unscreened vents or small openings. Once inside houses, bark scorpions gravitate to the crawl space, basement, laundry room, and bathrooms due to their moisture needs.

Encounters with scorpions often occur at night when they are most active. To prevent dehydration from our hot Texas heat, scorpions remain hidden from the sun during the day, so they can regulate their body temperature (since they are cold-blooded) and body moisture. 

A sting by a frightened scorpion feels like a bee or wasp sting. Although painful, a scorpion's sting is not usually life-threatening unless the individual is hypersensitive to the venom. Symptoms of a scorpion sting include swelling, pain, numbness and tingling, and a warm sensation at the sting site. 

To protect your family and pets from painful scorpion stings, you need scorpion control from All-Safe Pest & Termite. When an experienced technician arrives to inspect your property, they can identify likely hiding spots the scorpions are using in your yard. 

How Do I Keep Scorpions Away From My Property?

Scorpions need moisture, food, and shelter to survive; when these elements are on your property, you will have scorpions. So, let's look at each attractant, so you can have a game plan to keep dangerous scorpions out of your Kathy location. We will begin by examining the moisture needs of scorpions. 

Scorpions get moisture from their prey as well as their environment. Scorpions hide beneath rocks, wood piles, debris, and bark because these areas retain water, which they can absorb through their skin. Scorpions also drink water from puddles and plants when available. Bark scorpions have a waxy cuticle to help them retain moisture; this wax coating allows them to survive for months with no water source. Now that we know why bark, stones, wood piles, etc., attract scorpions, let's learn what they eat.

Scoprions primarily eat cockroaches, crickets, insects, and spiders, but they will consume small animals like lizards and mice. Therefore, part of our game plan to deter scorpions must involve general pest control to keep these out of your yard. Now that we understand the attractants, we can develop a game plan to remove south Texas scorpions from our Katy properties. 

After All-Safe Pest & Termite eradicates the current scorpion population on your property, we recommend the following to keep them away:

  • Remove wood scraps, stones, and other debris from the yard
  • Prune tree branches and shrubs away from the house
  • Provide drainage to ditches and low-lying areas
  • Dehumidify the crawl space and basement
  • Eliminate water-collecting items from the lawn
  • Seal cracks in the foundation and exterior walls
  • Cover the vent openings with screens
  • Repair holes in window and door screens
  • Install door sweeps
  • Repair any leaky faucets, drains, and pipes in the house
  • Keep indoor and outdoor trash containers closed

These prevention tips will keep scorpions and their prey away from your Katy house. 

When an All-Safe Pest & Termite expert technician inspects your property for scorpion control, they may identify other potential attractants specific to your property. 

The Trick To Preventing Scorpions In The Future

A game plan is necessary to prevent a future scorpion invasion of your property. When you contact All-Safe Pest & Termite for scorpion control in Katy, you are beginning with the essential component for an effective scorpion removal strategy; expert help. For nearly four decades, we have removed scorpions using low-toxicity productions. 

When you schedule an appointment, we will examine the interior and exterior of your Katy property for scorpion signs, attractants, hot spots, and entry points. Upon completing our inspection, which includes learning from your experiences, we will create a custom game plan to eradicate scorpions from your property. Upon your approval, we will begin the removal process on the same day as the inspection. 

As noted in the article, insects on your property are attractants for scorpions, so they must remain off your property too. By utilizing a treatment plan best for you from All-Safe Pest & Termite, we will keep your home pest-free, which also deters scorpions. Contact us today to learn about our treatment plans, get a free estimate and begin to implement a game plan to eradicate scorpions from your Katy property.

Had my initial setup and install today, and everything went very well! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Feel so much better after making the switch to All-Safe!!

K. Cloud

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