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Effective Pest Control In Lake Dallas, TX

As most people could probably guess, the main draw of Lake Dallas, Texas, is its direct proximity to Lewisville Lake. This makes it an excellent place to live and a popular destination in the warmer months when outdoor enthusiasts come to swim, sail, and relax.
Unfortunately, the same factors that make Lake Dallas such an appealing destination for humans also make it a perfect breeding ground for pests. While pests are always a year-round threat for Texas homeowners, the climate and ecosystem created by living close to the lake make it perfect for pests like mosquitoes, termites, and stinging insects to thrive. 
Luckily, no matter the shape and size of your Lake Dallas property, All-Safe Pest & Termite has the tools and the training necessary to make all your pest problems a thing of the past. 

Residential Pest Control In Lake Dallas, TX

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Pests aren’t just a nuisance when they invade your home; they can be seriously dangerous to your health and seriously damaging to your home. Homeowners in Lake Dallas never really get a rest; in the summertime, the lake often leaves their backyards swarming with mosquitoes and stinging insects; in the winter, they’re at risk for rodents, roaches, and other harmful pests.
All-Safe Pest and Termite is a family-owned and operated company that has been servicing homes across Texas with safe and effective pest control services for over 30 years.  We have perfected the craft in the time since, and we have all of the tools and know-how you need to keep your home pest-free today, tomorrow, and beyond. Contact us today for more information and schedule your free inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Lake Dallas, TX

No matter what industry you serve, no business can operate effectively when a pest infestation makes itself present. Whether it’s cockroaches in the kitchen, rodents chewing up inventory, or bed bugs getting into your furniture, pests make employees miserable and scare away customers, often for good. And when it comes to particularly destructive pests like termites, a severe infestation can cost enough to put a severe strain on your operation. 
Don’t leave your Lake Dallas commercial property at risk; contact the commercial pest control professionals here at All-Safe Pest and Termite for help. Far from a one-size-fits-all solution, All-Safe will instead work with you directly to develop a customized treatment plan that perfectly fits your unique situation. After a thorough inspection of your property, our team will develop a service plan to fight any pests you may have on your property or maybe at risk for in the future, including termites, rodents, mosquitoes, flies, and more.
Don’t leave your investment to chance. Contact the All-Safe Pest and Termite professionals and protect your Lake Dallas business or commercial property from pests today. 

Mosquito Prevention Tips For Lake Dallas, TX Property Owners 

Mosquitoes in Lake Dallas are more than just a simple nuisance. While their constant buzzing is certainly an annoyance in the summer months, the bites they can give you are a serious health concern. Mosquitoes spread dangerous diseases when they bite, including malaria, Zika virus, yellow fever, and more. While they are less dangerous here in the United States than in other parts of the world, they thrive in the type of climate Lake Dallas provides. 
Here are some tips you can use to mitigate your risk for mosquito bites as much as possible:

  • Eliminate any sources of standing water from around your yard.
  • If you have a pool, clean it often and keep the water running when in use.
  • In warmer months, use mosquito repellent with DEET whenever you go outside.
  • Wear long-sleeved, light-colored clothing when spending extended periods of time outdoors.
  • Avoid going outdoors around dawn and dusk when possible.
  • Remove moisture issues that could create standing water sources, such as clogged drains or leaky pipes.

Keep in mind that these tips will help you mitigate your risk for mosquitoes by making your home and the people inside it as unappealing as possible to mosquitoes in the area. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do, and even the best-kept yards can sometimes become mosquito-infested if the homeowner is unlucky.
Ultimately, mosquitoes are a pest that won’t go away on their own. If mosquitoes are biting around your Lake Dallas property, contact the professionals at All-Safe Pest and Termite. Find out why our professional mosquito treatments are just what you need to keep your property protected from mosquitoes for good. 

How You Can Prevent Rodents In Your Lake Dallas, TX Home

Rodents are a year-round threat for homeowners across Texas. While rodents are generally more likely to invade in the colder months of the year when resources become more scarce, your Lake Dallas home will look like an appealing target no matter when they come across it.


Prevent rodents in your home by:

  • Cleaning up thoroughly after every meal.
  • Vacuum often.
  • Cleaning up spills as soon as they happen.
  • Not leaving food out overnight.
  • Not leaving dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Keeping pet food in sealed containers and stored off the ground.
  • Take out the garbage regularly.

When rodent prevention fails, there is only one option, contact a professional pest control provider for help. Rodents are as challenging to get out of a home as they are dangerous, and failing to treat the entire infestation at once will only cost you more down the line. If rodents have gotten into your Lake Dallas property, or you’re afraid they could in the future, contact All-Safe Pest and Termite right away and learn more about how one of our rodent control programs can keep you protected.



How To Tell If Your Lake Dallas Property Has A Termite Problem

Have you checked for termites around your Lake Dallas property lately? Chances are that you probably have not. Home and business owners tend to put the threat of wood-eating insects in the back of their minds. However, leaving your home to the whim and fancy of termites is far from your best interests. These creatures can make quick work of the wood on your property, chewing through beams, destroying walls and flooring, and making the home structurally unsound.


It's clear that these small insects can cause big problems for your home, particularly if they're not dealt with properly. Is there an easier way to tell if your Lake Dallas property has a termite infestation? Fortunately, the answer is yes.


Here are some signs that you may have a termite problem on your hands:

  1. Mud tubes on the exterior of your home: Termites build mud tubes to travel from their nests to their food source, including wet mulching, firewood, or the structure of your building. If you see mud tubes around or inside your property, there is a very good chance that termites are present in the home.
  2. Wood that sounds hollow when tapped: Termites eat wood from the inside out, breaking down individual pieces to cellulose for the colony. If the wooden items around your home sound hollow or weak when tapped, it may be because termites have eaten away critical tension points. Check for any piles of frass (small wood shavings) near the floor or ridges of baseboards.
  3. Cracks in your walls or floors: As termites eat away at the wood in your home, they will begin to weaken the overall structure. This can lead to cracks in your floors, walls, or ceilings. Spots of what appears to be water damage may become more prevalent around the house. Doors and windows may be more difficult to close and fight snugly against structural points.
  4. Visible swarms of termites: You may want to look a little closer if you see a swarm of 'winged ants' around your property. Reproductive termites fly around in large swarms when ready to mate, usually after a period of rain or warm weather in the spring. While winged ants have pinched waists and long wings, termite alates possess shorter wings and straight body shapes. Piles of wings near the windows, doors, or other entry points of the home may also highlight a potential termite infestation.

It can be difficult to understand and identify all the symptoms of a termite infestation. If you notice any of these signs around your Lake Dallas property, it will be important to get in touch with All-Safe Pest & Termite at your earliest convenience. Call at any time for a termite control quote for your residential or commercial property.


Everything You Need To Know To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Lake Dallas Home

Of all the pest species present near Lake Dallas, spiders are arguably the least friendly of all. These eight-legged creatures are nothing less than disturbing at first sight, creating a host of annoying webs, leaving a trail of insect husks, and otherwise cropping up when we least expect them.


But beyond the ick factor, spiders pose very little threat to humans. In fact, most species of spiders found in North Texas are completely harmless to pets, people, and their properties. Some arachnids are actually advantageous to humans, helping to keep the population of more serious pests in check.


However, a few species of spiders can be dangerous to humans, particularly if they bite. The black widow is the most well-known of these spiders, and its bite can cause serious health problems. Other potentially dangerous spiders include the brown recluse spider, whose bite leaves a painful mark and potential necrosis in its wake.


Keeping spiders out of your Lake Dallas Home is nothing less than critical. However, it can be difficult to prevent, protect, or mitigate any arachnid issues without proper education.


Before attempting to treat spider infestations on your own, be aware of the following points:

  1. Spiders are more likely to enter your home in the fall as they search for a place to overwinter. This means that a spike in spider populations in the warmer summer months may actually be an omen of something much worse. There may be a secondary infestation in the house, leading spider species indoors to hunt.
  2. Arachnids are known for their large brood sizes, laying up to 17 egg sacs during their lifetimes. These egg sacs may result in a total of 4,000 offspring that mature within just a few weeks. If a laying spider begins the process of breeding within your home, it will only take a few months for your entire property to be overrun.
  3. The bite of a brown recluse or a black widow spider will almost certainly require medical treatment. Brown recluse spiders have been known to kill tissue and induce nausea, vomiting, and severe pain. Black widow spider bites are extremely dangerous and lead to several deaths in America every year.

Relying on DIY or your personal intuition will not be enough to manage spider species properly. For total arachnid protection for your Lake Dallas building, choose the professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite. Years of removing spiders from local homes has taught us that spider control isn't about the product - it's about the professional that gets the job done. We've discovered how to find and get rid of marauding spiders using the many talents of Lake Dallas' most professional pest agents.


Call today for a spider control quote from All-Safe Pest & Termite.


The Dangerous Truth About Cockroaches In Your Lake Dallas Home

A common misconception about cockroaches is that a clean home and a hygienic environment are enough to keep pests well away from your home. But as time, history, and science would have it, that is simply not true.


Cockroach species can adapt to almost any environment, making them one of the most resilient pests on the planet. They can survive in freezing temperatures and scorching heat, go without food for weeks at a time, and even survive being flushed down the toilet. If there is a way for cockroaches to get into your home, they will - no messy floors or dirty kitchens required.


The effects of a cockroach getting into your home could be far more dangerous than you would first think. Cockroaches can be carriers of disease, as they often travel through sewers and other contaminated areas. They can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks in some people. Large numbers of cockroaches may produce a foul odor that can permeate your entire home, or attract predator pests like spiders.


Getting rid of cockroaches is no easy task, especially once they have rooted down around your Lake Dallas property. However, allowing these insects to linger around your family could present your household with a host of threatening health issues.


It's a good idea to start with a prevention mindset. Ways to keep cockroaches out of your home include:

  • Keep your home clean and free of clutter. While this will certainly not prevent your home from being infested by cockroaches, it will certainly make it more difficult for them to settle down for long periods of time. Store food in sealed containers and make sure all crumbs are cleaned up as soon as they are made.
  • Fix any leaks or moisture problems as soon as they occur. Cockroaches are attracted to damp environments, so fixing any plumbing issues will make your property far less inviting.
  • Are there cracks or holes in your walls or floors? These need to be filled as soon as possible, as they provide easy access for cockroaches looking for a new home. Waterproof caulking is always preferred, as is expanding foam.

If you have tried these prevention tips and are still seeing cockroaches around your property, it's time to call in the professionals. All-Safe Pest & Termite has been eliminating roaches from homes and businesses in Lake Dallas for decades - and we aren't planning on stopping anytime soon.


Contact All-Safe Pest & Termite today to inquire about your first ever cockroach control inspection. We would be happy to put you on our schedule as quickly as possible.


Guide To Fly Prevention In Lake Dallas

The humble fly is far more dangerous than its appearance would lead you to believe. These insects are perhaps best known for spreading diseases, including food poisoning and dysentery. In fact, according to the CDC, flies are responsible for the spread of over 65 different diseases. Flies can also contaminate your food and drink with serious pathogens that contribute to the spread of certain parasite eggs.


So how can you prevent flies from taking up residence in your Lake Dallas building? As with most pests, the best way to deal with flies is to prevent them from entering your property in the first place.


Here are a few tips to help you keep flies away:

  • Keep your garbage can lids sealed tight. This will prevent flies from being attracted to the scent of your garbage.
  • Clean up any spills or messes immediately. Don't leave food or drink out in the open, as this will only attract flies looking for a quick meal.
  • Do you have a pet? Make sure to clean up their messes immediately as flies are attracted to animal waste.

For more tips and tricks related to fly control in Lake Dallas, don't hesitate to reach out to All-Safe Pest & Termite. We are looking forward to serving you with fly treatment programs at any time.

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