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Seasonal Mosquito Treatments For Dallas-Fort Worth & Houston, TX

No one wants to be driven inside by a swarm of hungry mosquitoes, but more often than not, that’s what happens in yards all over DFW & Houston during the warmest months of the year. A bite from a mosquito can be unbearably itchy as well as dangerous. Mosquitoes spread many serious and sometimes fatal illnesses, including West Nile virus, Zika virus, encephalitis, and more. 
To protect your family and make your backyard an enjoyable place to spend time again, you need seasonal mosquito treatments from All-Safe Pest & Termite. Our mosquito control dramatically reduces the number of mosquitoes around your DFW property, restoring your yard back to a safe and enjoyable place.

Our Mosquito Control Options

a pest control technician using a backpack mister

Backpack Misting

Our misting service utilizes a backpack misting machine operated by one of our trained service technicians. We treat all landscaped areas, including bushes, shrubs, and any mosquito breeding areas. We will also educate you on ways to keep the mosquito populations on your property at bay, such as reducing areas of standing water. Our recurring backpack misting service comes with a service warranty.

After the initial service, we will return to treat the property every 30 days while in-season. The season usually runs April-October since these are the months when temperatures are conducive to mosquito activity in our region.

the in2care mosquito treatment option

In2Care System

All-Safe Pest & Termite offers installation and maintenance of the In2Care mosquito trap system on a seasonal basis. The In2Care system attracts adult mosquitoes to it and uses green ingredients that target both adults and larvae. These are placed close to the house, typically in the shrubs. By placing them out of sight and in the shade, we can target the areas where mosquitoes are most likely to rest during the day.

The trap activity is not only limited to the trap itself but also extends to the surrounding areas, extending its effectiveness at reducing the mosquito populations on your property.

Mosquito Control Procedure

Mosquito control follows a simple yet effective procedure to ensure the complete treatment of your property. First, we will inspect the exterior of the home, looking for items that could retain water like birdbaths, gutters, children's toys, etc. We will then recommend to the customer to eliminate these sources of standing water to prevent mosquito breeding areas in the future.

We’ll then instruct the customer as to how we will incorporate backpack misting and the In2Care system as part of a complete Mosquito Abatement Program. We create complete abatement by specifically treating the areas around your home where mosquitoes are most likely to land in the future while using backpack sprayers to eliminate any active mosquitoes currently buzzing around your property. 

We’ll also instruct you on the conducive conditions we found around your home so that you can minimize its appeal to mosquitoes in the future. By not only treating the active infestation but also discouraging future mosquito activity, we help create lasting mosquito protection for properties we manage. 


Mosquito Frequently Asked Questions

Are mosquitoes dangerous?

The short answer is, yes. Although most mosquitoes don’t do anything more than leave an itchy bite behind, some can cause illness, and it’s impossible to know which is which when they’re buzzing around your yard. Mosquitoes can spread several serious diseases, including West Nile virus, Zika virus, encephalitis, dengue, malaria, and yellow fever.

What attracts mosquitoes to my property?

The major draw for mosquitoes is stagnant water. Mosquitoes need standing water to breed, so they tend to stay in areas where water is present. Although you can’t get rid of mosquitoes entirely by eliminating water from your property, you can significantly reduce their numbers.

When are mosquitoes most active in Dallas, Fort Worth & Houston, Texas?

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded creatures and prefer temperatures over 80°F. That makes the summer months their most active time in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston. However, they do remain active in temperatures over 50°F, which is why we provide our seasonal mosquito control from April through October.

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