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Effective Pest Control In Piney Point Village, TX

Considered one of Texas's most coveted living areas, Piney Point Village is an amazing community of hardworking homeowners, business managers, and residents. These residential and commercial property owners understand how important it is to live free of pests and their treatment toxins, so hundreds choose the Harris County pest control high-quality All-Safe Pest & Termite Services. 

Residential Pest Control In Piney Point Village, TX

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All-Safe Pest & Termite residential pest control services use a three-step approach. 

  • An initial inspection that covers your home from top to bottom.

  • We offer a complete treatment of your property's interior and exterior locations.
  • Follow-up visits and a pest-free guarantee show how much we care for our incredible clients. 

Join the All-Safe Pest & Termite family today by calling our Piney Point Village office. 

Commercial Pest Control In Piney Point Village

Customers, employees, stakeholders, and patrons all deserve the highest level of care your business can provide. Even a single pest has the potential to throw all this to the wayside, significantly injuring your company’s reputation. Commercial pest control is recommended to protect those you love and your bottom line, thus defending your business on all fronts. 


Call today for a free quote, or schedule your initial commercial pest inspection with an online form. 

How Much Do You Really Know About Ticks In Piney Point Village?

Although they might seem insignificant, ticks are some of the most dangerous pests in Piney Point Village. These creatures can spread some of the world's deadliest illnesses, from parasites and viruses to bacteria and chronic illnesses. Not every tick bite has the potential to spread diseases, but the possibility is always there. It's best to keep ticks off the lawn as much as possible to protect yourself and your family from unforeseen illnesses.


Proper tick prevention begins with cutting-edge knowledge and high-quality information. How much do you know about ticks near Piney Point Village? You might be surprised!


  • Despite their insectile form, ticks are actually from the arachnid family. Spiders and scorpions are two of the ticks' closest cousins.
  • Ticks rarely choose to infest the insides of our homes, although brown dog ticks are known to set up nests inside living rooms, dog kennels, and other warm areas.
  • Ticks are active all year round, including the winter season. While some species, such as Lone Star ticks, slow down significantly in the cold, others, such as black-legged ticks, continue to thrive. 

Don't underestimate the ticks of Piney Point Village. If you are concerned about the number of ticks near your property, don't hesitate to contact All-Safe Pest & Termite at your earliest convenience. We are looking forward to helping you to the best extent possible. 

Strategies For Fly Prevention In Piney Point Village Homes

If you’ve lived any time at all in Piney Point Village, you know that flies are some of the most annoying pests in our residential and commercial buildings. These tiny bugs are nothing short of nuisances, buzzing around people, pets, and food items. Despite their innocuous presence, these pests come with a fair share of physical dangers. Flies spread serious diseases from place to place and even transmit parasite eggs into our food or water sources. For this reason, it's best to avoid exposure to them as much as possible.


Below are a couple of winning strategies for fly prevention in Piney Point Village homes

  • Keep the trash cans in your home covered at all times. Regularly remove filled bags from the house and move them into an airtight bin. Also, make sure that all recyclables are clean.

  • All food items not in use should be covered, sealed, or otherwise put away. Be sure that all kitchen lids are airtight and well-sealed. Do not attempt to eat or salvage food that flies have infested.

  • Keep the counters clean, floors swept, and dirty dishes washed, as this will prevent flies from following their noses to your kitchen, creating an infestation that is hard to remove. 

The most effective strategy for fly prevention is partnering with a local pest control expert. The team behind All-Safe Pest & Termite is equipped to address your fly concerns, backed by years of experience and service to hundreds of homes. Give us a call today to discuss your fly treatment options. 

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