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Effective Pest Control In Roanoke, Texas

Roanoke is a city in Denton County and is a part of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. Our area is only about 30 miles away from Dallas and provides residents with a dense suburban feel. All-Safe Pest & Termite professionals are proud to provide top-quality residential and commercial pest control solutions to give your Roanoke home or business the protection it needs. We’re committed to offering long-term protection against common area pests by utilizing green, eco-friendly service options. Whether you’re looking for general pest management, ongoing services, or anything in between, you can rely on  All-Safe Pest & Termite to get the job done right. Give us a call today to learn more about all of the excellent residential and commercial pest control services we have to offer.

Residential Pest Control In Roanoke, TX

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Your Roanoke home is supposed to be a place where you can relax and spend quality time with your family after returning from a long day at work. But when pests invade your residential property, they make your home an uncomfortable place to live. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, it’s our goal to help you take back your home from pests. We understand how stressful it is to maintain a pest-free environment, so we’re here to do it for you! Our residential pest control options include our Safe Select and Protection Plus plans. No matter what type of pest problem you’re facing, you can count on All-Safe Pest & Termite to provide an effective solution. Reach out to us today to get started!

Commercial Pest Control In Roanoke, TX

Without the right protection, your Roanoke business isn’t safe from pests. It should be your top priority to implement a comprehensive commercial pest control plan for your business. When it comes to professional commercial pest control, no one does it better than the technicians at All-Safe Pest & Termite. We understand that a pest infestation can lead to unsatisfied customers, property damage, and ultimately a loss of revenue. But when you partner with All-Safe Pest & Termite to implement ongoing commercial pest control services, you can rest assured that your Roanoke business will remain pest-free all year long. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate.

Spider Prevention Tips Everyone In Roanoke, TX Should Know

Spiders are predatory arachnids that catch or hunt their insect prey, depending on the species. Their venom paralyzes the insects they catch but usually isn’t potent enough to harm humans. Here in Roanoke, we only have a couple of spiders with venom strong enough to hurt people; brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders. Spiders are nomadic pests, which means they will settle down wherever they can find food and move on once that food source becomes unavailable. Unfortunately, if spiders are living in or around your Roanoke property, you probably already have an existing insect infestation on your hands. To reduce the spider and insect populations around your home or business, keep the following prevention tips in mind:

  • Maintain your lawn by keeping your grass cut short, cutting shrubbery away from your exterior walls, and trimming back overhanging tree limbs.

  • Keep your property clutter-free and your belongings organized to minimize potential hiding spaces.

  • Knock down any spider webs you see to encourage spiders to move elsewhere.

    Minimize factors that may attract insects (and, by extension, spiders) to your property.

    Seal gaps and crevices in your foundation and exterior walls to eliminate potential entry points.

Prevention tips are helpful, but they aren’t a replacement for professional pest control services. Eliminate spiders and other pests from your Roanoke property by contacting All-Safe Pest & Termite today for all of your pest control needs.

Problems Cockroaches Cause In Roanoke, TX

Seeing a cockroach scuttle across your kitchen floor when you turn on the light is unsettling. These common insects thrive in our warm Texas climate and are always searching for new ways to invade your property and find a source of food. Unfortunately, cockroaches cause a wide range of problems when they enter Roanoke homes and businesses, such as:

  • Contaminate your counter surfaces and food items with harmful bacteria. Cockroaches eat unsanitary materials, including sewage, trash, feces, carrion, and decaying organic matter. There’s no telling what kinds of bacteria, pathogens, and parasites they picked up before entering your property.

  • Spread dangerous diseases. Cockroaches can cause serious illnesses in humans. Salmonellosis, typhoid fever, and cholera are just a few diseases cockroaches spread.

  • Trigger allergic reactions. Cockroaches have a specific type of dander in their bodies, feces, and saliva that can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. 

The best way to protect your Roanoke property from cockroaches is with professional cockroach control services from All-Safe Pest & Termite. We’ll work with you to find a solution that eliminates your cockroach problem at its source.


Why Centipedes Invade Roanoke Homes

Centipedes have long, flat bodies with long antennae and one pair of legs per body segment. They are yellowish-gray or brown and have many legs, ranging in size depending on their length. While centipedes can grow to six inches long, most of those you will encounter will be one and a half inches long.


It is not uncommon to group centipedes with millipedes, another leggy pest. But these two critters are very different. For example, millipedes have two pairs of legs per body segment, a round worm-like body, and short antennae. Millipedes are also slow decomposers, while centipedes are quick predators that feed on other centipedes, insects, spiders, and more.


A centipedes diet is why you might have an infestation of this pest in your Roanoke home. If other insects or pests are present, centipedes can follow them inside, which can be made possible through weaknesses in the home’s exterior. Weaknesses can include cracks in the foundation, missing or damaged screens, weatherstripping, uncovered vents and drains, and other crevices.


Another reason your home might have a centipede problem because it provides the moisture this pest needs to survive. Centipedes and other pests will look for shelter in a more controlled environment when the weather changes drastically. They may do this to escape hot and dry weather or even excessive moisture and flooding.


You can prevent centipedes in your home by eliminating other pest problems, potential entry points, and excess moisture. However, if you have an active centipede problem, contact All-Safe Pest & Termite. Our residential pest control plans offer fast, effective, and guaranteed results to return your home to a pest-free environment. The two plans we offer are our Safe Select Pest Control plan and Protection Plus Pest & Termite Control plan.


Call All-Safe Pest & Termite to learn more about our services and how you can get started with a home inspection by one of our expert technicians.


Tips To Avoid Carpenter Bee Damage In Roanoke

Carpenter bees are identifiable by their robust bodies, shiny abdomen, and black body. They can also vary with white, yellow, or orange hairs. Carpenter bees look similar to bumblebees but are a bit larger.


This species is solitary, which means they don’t live in colonies but live alone in nests made by boring into wood. Because these bees are attracted to softwood, they will continuously pick the same pieces, causing damage over time.


The damage caused by these pests can also lead to more pests as the holes they create weakens the exterior and can provide entry points. It is essential to treat them as soon as you notice them. However, you can also take preventative steps to avoid carpenter bee damage by using these tips:

  • Fill any empty holes in the exterior of your home, decks, sheds, and other structures. Make sure there are no active carpenter bees inside because they will only bore further in if their nest is covered.
  • Remove fallen trees, stumps, logs, and other wood debris from your property.
  • Use stain, paint, or varnish on untreated wood to keep carpenter bees away.
  • Replace soft or water-damaged wood with hardwood.
  • Reduce flowering plants as carpenter bees feed on nectar and plant pollen.
  • Use wind chimes or similar noise-making items to deter carpenter bees.
  • Install a bee house far away from your home to provide a place for these essential pollinators, but if you decide to do this, make sure you find one that is the right size and material.

The most effective way to keep carpenter bees from becoming a problem on your Roanoke property is by contacting All-Safe Pest & Termite. Carpenter bees are covered under our stinging insect control services, which consist of a three-step process:

  • Our technicians will inspect your property to identify pest activity, nests, and conducive conditions during the inspection.

  • The technician will treat and remove nests using methods based on the species. To prevent future nests, they will treat common hotspot areas.
  • Our follow-up treatment aims to prevent future problems using a combination of dust and liquid residual products to create a barrier.

Contact us at All-Safe Pest & Termite to learn more about carpenter bees and how we can help to keep them away from your home.


Four Easy Ways To Keep Earwigs Out Of Your Roanoke Home

Earwigs are unsettling pests, partly because of their pincers and partly because of the myth that they crawl into people's ears. While they have pincers, they are used to capture prey, and for defense, so they are not likely to break the skin, although they can pinch people. Earwigs are also no more likely to crawl into people's ears than any other pest.


In general, earwigs are nuisance pests because they don't spread diseases or pose other threats to people, but even if this is the case, there is no place for any pest in a home. Here are four ways you can keep earwigs out of your home:


One: Eliminate Entry Points:

  • Look for cracks and gaps in the foundation.
  • Repair any damaged screens and install weather stripping and door sweeps.
  • Install covers on vents and drains.
  • Look over potted plants and other items before bringing them inside because pests can sometimes hitchhike their way into your home.

Two: Reduce Moisture:

  • Keep gutters clear of debris and make sure downspouts guide water away from the foundation.
  • Remove organic debris from your yard, especially close to your home.
  • Repair any leaking pipes and faucets.
  • Ensure there is proper ventilation, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Use dehumidifiers in areas of your home that are prone to higher moisture, such as the basement and garage.

Three: Minimize Harborage Areas:

  • Regularly trim foliage and keep the grass cut short.
  • Remove things like wheelbarrows, buckets, children's toys, and patio furniture when not in use.
  • Keep the inside of your home organized and clutter-free.

Four: Call-In The Experts:

  • Contact professionals for expert pest control

All-Safe Pest & Termite provides residential pest control services to Roanoke residents. Our residential plans, Safe Select Pest Control and Protection Plus Pest & Termite Control cover earwigs. These plans provide ongoing protection from earwigs, ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, mice, and much more!


Give us a call at All-Safe Pest & Termite to find out more about how we can assist with earwigs on your residential property.


Is Professional Mosquito Treatment Right For My Roanoke Home?


Mosquitoes are all too common during the warm summer months, especially those that see a lot of humidity and rainfall. It can feel like it is impossible to escape these pests unless you spend all of your time inside, but who wants to do that when the weather is nice?


Many people opt for store-bought solutions like candles, sprays, fans, and many more products that claim to be the solutions to mosquito problems. These products may keep these pests away for some time, but they will not resolve the issue entirely, leaving mosquito populations to continue thriving. They don’t eliminate the resources this pest needs, including breeding sites, shade, and food. 


To effectively rest a mosquito problem, you need to eliminate breeding sites by removing or treating stagnant water, reducing shaded areas where mosquitoes can hide during the hottest parts of the day, and reducing flowering plants where mosquitoes feed. There are many ways you can do this independently, but nothing compares to professional mosquito control.


Here are six questions to ask yourself to help determine the right course of action:

  • Are you experiencing excessive amounts of mosquitoes in your yard?

  • Do woods surround your home?
  • Do you have thick foliage on your property?
  • Is there a stagnant body of water near, such as a pond, lake, or marsh?
  • Is your yard prone to flooding or holding standing water?
  • Do you find it impossible to spend time outside without being bit by mosquitoes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, professional mosquitos control services might be right for you! 


The best way to find out if professional mosquito treatment is right for your Roanoke home is by calling All-Safe Pest & Termite for an inspection of your property.   


We offer two mosquito control options depending on your needs, backpack misting and the In2Care System:

  • We use backpack misting to treat landscaping and mosquito breeding sites. After the initial misting, we will return every 30 days between April and October, when mosquitoes are most active here.
  • The In2Care System is used to trap mosquitoes on a seasonal basis. It attracts adults but targets both adults and larvae. We will install this close to your house in a shaded area where mosquitoes are likely to be. After installation, we will continue maintenance as needed.

Contact us at All-Safe Pest & Termite to learn more about our services and how we can help you!

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