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When you see a roach run up an exterior wall at full speed and move to the underside of your roofline without skipping a step, or watch as a big fat roach disappears into a tiny crack, you may wonder how on earth you could possibly keep roaches out of your home. While the methods aren't easy, the solution is. Today, we're going to share with you six easy ways you can keep roaches out and also share how residential pest control from All-Safe Pest & Termite is the easiest way to keep roaches (and a long list of other pests) out of your home.

Understanding Roaches

There are only a few things that attract roaches and allow them to get inside. If you manage these, you can have a big impact on whether or not roaches will ever get into your home. The truth about roaches is that the vast majority of roaches don't want to be in your home. There are only a few pest roaches, and of the species that infest structures, some prefer to be outside where there is more moisture available. As we discuss the six easy ways to keep roaches out of your Frisco home, it is important to understand that these methods work better from some roaches than for others, but they all have some impact on all roaches.

Method 1: Exterior Moisture Control

All roaches are attracted to water sources, dampness, and areas of high humidity. If these conditions are present around your home, you'll attract roaches.

  • Fix broken gutters and clear out any obstructions in your gutter system.

  • Repair leaking pipes and other plumbing issues.

  • Address conditions that cause your landscaping to stay damp.

Method 2: Addressing Hiding Places

Cockroaches can be dried out by the sun. This is one of the reasons they hide under things. There are many things they can hide under. The more hiding places you have in your yard, the more cockroach activity you're likely to have.

  • Remove leaves, sticks, and sources of stacked wood.

  • Remove toys and other yard clutter.

  • Remove objects that are stored in your backyard, particularly near your exterior walls.

Method 3: Exterior Food Sources

Cockroaches have a diverse diet. They eat human food, pet food, and things you would not consider to be food. Remove potential food sources in your yard and apply sanitation to deter cockroach activity. Here are some ideas.

  • Keep bagged trash in covered receptacles. If your receptacles develop an odor, clean them.

  • If you have a dog, stay on top of waste clean-up.

  • If you have compost, make sure it is mixed properly.

  • Fully clean recyclable items. The scent of dirty cans and bottles can lure roaches into your garage or storage shed.

Method 4: Exclusions

Cockroaches get into your home by accident. They don't know you have food and water in there. As they explore your exterior, they make their way inside. You can deter this by sealing entry points with caulk, expanding foam, and other exclusion materials. Here are some areas to focus on.

  • Repair screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.

  • Seal gaps around utilities and other foundation penetrations.

Method 5: Interior Humidity And Moisture Management

When roaches get into your home, some will decide to go back outdoors if your home is too dry. Use these tips to remove humidity and moisture.

  • Fix leaky faucets, showerheads, garbage disposals, and pipes.

  • Install dehumidifiers in rooms that stay humid.

  • Use your fan when taking a bath or shower.

Method 6: Interior Food Sources

It is very difficult to hide food sources from cockroaches because they eat strange things like moist wallpaper, toothpaste, dead skin (dust), and hair. When you roll up your sleeves and work to hide and remove food sources, it helps to stunt population growth and works to protect everyone in your home from cockroach-related sickness.

  • Clean and deep clean your home.

  • Consider putting pantry foods in sealed containers.

  • Clean dishes as you do them.

  • Put pet food down only during meals and never overnight.

  • Make sure waste is covered in your cat box.

How Professional Cockroach Control Fits In

The easiest way to keep roaches out is to have someone else do it. Life is busy, and you may not have time, energy, or the skills to address moisture issues, keep on top of yard maintenance, and apply products to seal your exterior walls. Professional cockroach control isn't just the best way to get rid of cockroaches, it is also the best way to prevent roach infestations before they begin. We do the heavy lifting for you and provide your exterior with essential treatments that repel and knockdown cockroaches as they look for tiny entry points in your exterior.   

Take The Next Step

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