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It is important to point out before we get started, that it often takes hard work to prevent scorpions and other pests from coming into your yard and exploring your exterior walls. A few of the tips we're going to provide today may cause you to sweat a little, but you can get them done pretty quick, and they're well worth the small amount of effort you'll put in. So, in a way, they're no-sweat. Okay. With that having been said, let's get started.


1. Personal Prevention

This first tip won't cause you to sweat at all. You simply need to consider scorpion prevention and make it a part of your lifestyle. Within this one tip are a few suggestions. These suggestions are particularly helpful if you are new to the Dallas area and didn't grow up hearing your parents tell you to do these things.

  • Put on footwear when you go walking in your yard at night.

  • Be careful about putting your hand into any holes.

  • Wear gloves when working in your yard.

  • Be cautious when flipping objects over.

  • Remove skirting from the beds inside your home.

  • Don't allow covers or sheets to touch the floor during sleep.

  • Move beds out from the walls.

If you keep these in mind, you can prevent a scorpion sting.

2. Yard Maintenance

Scorpions hide under wood, sticks, grass clippings, leaves, and other debris. While it takes some sweat to remove these from your yard, we're guessing you're already putting that effort in. Let this be more incentive. If you want to turn this into a no-sweat tip, you could hire someone to do the yard work for you. There are companies and individuals who provide this service.

3. Address Standing Water

Scorpions are drawn to properties that have water sources. There are some ways to address standing water with little or no sweat. If you have containers in your yard, remove them. If you have a leaky sprinkler hose, replace it. Unfortunately, the most common reasons for standing water in a yard are connected to jobs that require more effort to fix, such as cleaning out your gutters, repairing your gutter system, or repairing plumbing issues. As you consider taking steps to address standing water, keep in mind that water resources attract insects. Water doesn't just provide a source of hydration for scorpions, it lures in food sources that scorpions need for their survival.

4. Seal Entry Points In Your Exterior

If a scorpion can find a gap or crack, it could use it to get into your home. Sealing entry points can be no-sweat if it is something as simple as filling in a wood hole with caulking material. But replacing door sweeps, weatherstripping, and screens can take more effort.

5. Perform Routine Inspections

If scorpions get into your home, they can present a hazard as you move about in your home at night. It is best to catch them before you're caught off guard. This can be no-sweat. You need to invest in a portable black light and use it to inspect your home at night when scorpions are active. Two good places to check first are your attic and basement. Bark scorpions are good climbers and can find their way up into your attic. If you have a basement, this is also ideal as it can be more humid than other regions of your home.


You can also perform an inspection on the outside of your home. Check your landscaping, underneath your deck, inside crawl spaces, and storage areas. Scorpions like to hide in secluded spaces that provide shade or cool temperatures. 

6. Professional Pest Control

Of all the tips provided here, this is the one that will cause you to sweat the least. When you invest in year-round pest control for your Dallas property, we do all the sweating. Not only do we do the hard work, but you get the best protection possible. Our licensed pest professionals understand the habits and habitats of scorpions and use multiple control methods and products to reduce scorpion activity around your Dallas home. In light of the potential threat, scorpions can present, particularly bark scorpions, this is the best way to go.


If you've been considering pest control for your home, let scorpions inspire you to take the next step. Scorpions are only one of the many pests in our Dallas service area that can pose a threat. We have other pests that are stinging or biting hazards, disease threats, or threats to property. No Dallas home or family should be without a pest control plan. Let the team here at All-Safe Pest & Termite help you get your plan in place today.

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