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Protection Against Wasps & Hornets From All-Safe Pest & Termite 

If you’ve stayed in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area for long, you know that it stays hot for most of the year. Unfortunately, this makes it perfect for wasp and hornet activity, and if you don’t take precautions these dangerous pests can turn any pleasant summer day into a nightmare. The most common enemy we have is the paper wasp, which thrives by creating nests in and around DFW & Houston homes and businesses


Stinging insect control from All-Safe Pest & Termite uses safe yet effective stinging insect treatments that can eliminate infestations of every shape and size. Contact All-Safe helps you take back your yard and enjoy a sting-free summer. 

How Our Stinging Insect Control Treatments Work

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Stinging insect treatment from All-Safe involves a proven three-step process intended to ensure that your entire property is treated effectively and that the problem won’t simply re-emerge once the initial treatment is done. All-Safe’s stinging insect specialists know all the steps necessary to eliminate wasps and hornets from your property without putting themselves at risk in the process.


After calling All-Safe for stinging insect treatment, one of our technicians will visit your home in order to inspect the property. He or she will identify any nests attached to the home, to exterior buildings, and to the surrounding tree line. He or she will also inform you about conducive conditions that could indicate stinging insect activity or the possibility for activity in the future.


After inspecting your home, your technician will treat and remove any nests they find. They will also use a residual product on nest sites to keep them from returning. They will also treat the eaves and other potential nesting areas each time we return to a home that is on one of our recurring plans. If we can physically reach a nest, we will treat it.


Following treatment, we’ll work with you to help ensure wasps and hornets never become a problem in the future. We’ll help you recognize objects or conditions that could attract stinging insects and help you remove them or minimize the risk they present. We’ll also use a combination of dust and liquid residual products to create a protective barrier around your home to stop them from getting inside.

Ongoing Service Plans

Stinging insects are covered underneath our general pest control plan, and this service has a full warranty. With continued protection from All-Safe, wasp stings around your Dallas-Fort Worth home will become a thing of the past. 

Why Trust All-Safe For Your Stinging Insect Control Needs

Professional stinging insect treatment not only prevents you from getting stung by removing wasps and hornets from the property, but also saves you the danger of having to deal with these insects and their potentially-dangerous stings on your own.


Take the sting out of your spring, summer, and fall: call All-Safe Pest & Termite today for comprehensive stinging insect control that eliminates them today and keeps them from coming back tomorrow.

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