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We're going to let you in on a little secret today. You may not know this, but pest cockroaches are tolerant of pest control products that have been used to kill them. When a cockroach survives a near death experience, it can shed its skin and create a new skin that is more resistant than the last. This is done on a genetic level, which is to say, a cockroach can pass this new chemical resistance to its offspring. If this isn't bad enough, some cockroaches have developed an aversion to bait. Researchers have found certain populations of German cockroaches that are born with bait aversion. Good luck trying to get rid of these roaches with control products. So, how do you effectively control insects that are resistant to chemical treatments and averse to bait? Here's the secret.

The Philosophy of Cockroach Control

There is a philosophy, or you might say methodology, to ridding a structure of cockroaches. It's pretty simple: Throw everything at them. Don't just use one method, and don't just use one product. The reason for this is that you don't want to make the roaches in your Plano home any tougher to exterminate than they already are. A multi-pronged strategy works to get rid of every cockroach in your home, no matter what roach it is.

Natural Deterrents

All roaches, even roaches that are immune to chemicals and averse to baits, can be deterred by pest maintenance. These are methods that work to counteract the natural behaviors and activities of cockroaches. Let's look at these, starting from the inside to the outside of your Plano home.

Indoor Cockroach Management

  • Deep clean your home. Cockroaches feed on rotting organic matter, crumbs, hair, dead skin, feces, and more.

  • Keep your home clean.

  • Clean your dishes as soon as you are done using them.

  • Never leave pet food down during the night. This is when cockroaches are active.

    Store your pantry foods in sealed containers.

  • Make sure your trash is covered and your receptacle is routinely deodorized.

  • Fix leaky faucets and showerheads.

  • Install dehumidifiers in areas that stay humid inside your home.

  • Seal any gaps around exterior window frames or door frames.

  • Remove clutter. Roaches prefer to be active in spaces that are cluttered, particularly dirty clutter, such as laundry, discarded cardboard boxes, etc.

Outdoor Cockroach Management

  • Clean your gutters and make any repairs that are necessary.

  • Trim the vegetation in your landscaping to keep things dry and open.

    Bag your trash and keep it in covered containers that are routinely deodorized.

  • Remove leaves, sticks, grass clippings, scrap wood, dead branches, and other organic material.

  • If you have compost, make sure it is properly mixed.

  • If you have a dog, stay on top of waste clean-up.

  • Keep fertilizer properly stored.

  • Clean up and remove anything in your yard that is decaying, such as dead wildlife, leftover food from a cookout, fruit that has fallen from trees, etc.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal every gap you can find in your exterior. Check closely around doors and windows, pipes, wire conduits, and other foundation penetrations.

  • Inspect your exterior doors and make sure you have working sweeps and weatherstripping.

  • Repair or replace any damaged window or door screens.

  • Make sure all vents have appropriate covers.

Cockroach Control Products

When cockroaches get inside, it is almost always necessary to use control products. As with pest maintenance, more than one product will need to be used. These products should be selected by a licensed professional. Some products are known to be ineffective. Others have diminishing results. A pest professional will do a thorough inspection and determine the level of infestation, and identify the cockroaches that are an issue. The findings of this inspection are used to develop a treatment plan, which includes ongoing monitoring to ensure success. When you get the all-clear from a trained and experienced professional, you'll be able to rest easy.

Cockroaches are implicated in the spread of many human diseases. These insects climb around in dirty places and feed on dirty things. Don't take any chances with your health. Hire a licensed pest-management professional when control products are needed.

Plano, Texas Cockroach Control

When roaches become a problem in Plano, All-Safe Pest & Termite is the pest control provider to call. Our technicians use industry-leading methods and the most trusted products to get rid of even the toughest roaches. Our technicians will select residual treatments, dusts, and liquid applications as required, and apply appropriate baits where needed. Ongoing monitoring devices will be checked during scheduled follow-up visits until all cockroach activity inside your Plano home has been arrested. If you're struggling with cockroaches and you live in Plano, Texas, reach out to All-Safe pest & Termite today. We have the cockroach control solutions to handle any infestation.


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