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If you've been looking for a complete guide to ant control in your house and ant control in your yard, we have some good news for you. You've found it! While we're not going to go over every little detail about how ant pest control works, when you're done reading this short article you'll know everything you need to know about professional ant control.


There isn't a whole lot to it. Ant control can be broken down into two categories: Ant management and targeted ant control. Let's look at the types of ant pests we have in Plano, go over a few outdoor prevention tips, discuss indoor prevention tips that really work, and look at how professional pest control in Plano gives you extra protection when you need it.

The Kinds Of Ants That Invade Plano Homes

When considering whether or not professional ant pest control is needed, you need to consider what ants are on your property, and whether or not they're going to present a threat. The ant pests that present a threat to Plano properties are:

Pharaoh Ants

While all ants can spread harmful bacteria and impact human health, pharaoh ants are probably the worst.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are a stinging hazard and can be a danger to infants, young children, the infirm, and individuals with a stinging insect allergy.

Carpenter Ants

While most carpenter ants in Texas don't damage property, you need to watch out for black carpenter ants in your home. These destructive pests can damage your property over time and stick you with the bill.

Most ants you find around your home are just going to be a nuisance. In many cases, even the troublesome ants listed above can just be a nuisance. But, if you find Pharaoh ants, fire ants, or black carpenter ants in your home, you should contact All-Safe Pest & Termite for effective ant control and ant control solutions.

Natural & Necessary Outdoor Ant Prevention Tips

When ants come into your yard, they're one step from the perimeter around the foundation of your home. When ants start exploring your perimeter, they're one step from getting into your home. Long before you have an indoor ant problem, you should be thinking about ant control in your yard.


Here are some facts that will help you consider what will work to prevent ants:

  • Ants eat nectar. If your lawn or landscaping gets overrun with flowering weeds, this can be a strong attractant for ants. Address weeds to deter ants.

  • Ants eat honeydew. If honeydew-producing insects, like the aphid, get into your landscaping, it can be a catalyst for other ant pest problems.

  • Ants gather droplets of water from puddles. While certainly amazing to watch on the Discovery Channel, it isn't amazing to provide a water source for ants in your yard. It's only going to lead to trouble.

  • Ants love damp habitats. They get underneath leaves, dead branches, and other organic debris to stay moist. Remove yard debris to make your perimeter less interesting.

  • Many ants eat insects for protein. You can deter these ants by reducing insects. One natural method that works is to replace exterior white lights with yellow lights. Insects can't perceive yellow light.

  • Once you've removed attractants, do your best to seal every entry point on your exterior. Pay close attention to weatherstripping, door sweeps, and screens on your exterior doors. Check around utilities for any gaps. Fill in wood holes and gaps just above your foundation.

Simple & Effective Indoor Ant Prevention Tips

Ant control in your house works much in the same way as it does in your yard. The goal to to not give ants a reason to live in your home - or to continue entering your home. Here are some examples:

  • Ants eat food debris from your floor, between your oven and the wall, on your couch, under your dining room table, and in many other places. Keep things clean to remove food sources.

  • Some ants are attracted to the scent of rotting organic matter. If you have a dirty trash receptacle, a juice spill under your fridge, an apple left behind the couch by a child, or dirty recycling items, ants are going to take notice.

  • Ants get into pantry and kitchen foods. You can protect your food by putting grocery items in sealed plastic containers.

  • Ants eat pet food. You can limit this by picking food up after mealtimes.

  • Ants need water. Repair all leaks in your home to deprive ants of water.

The Secret To Total Ant Control For Plano Homes

It can be a lot of work to keep ants out of your home. If you'd rather have someone else deal with ants or you want extra protection for ants, we can help. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we use trusted and field-tested ant control solutions to get control of ants. There is no better choice for ant control in Plano. Reach out to us today to learn about our effective ant control options, or to schedule service for your home. We're here to help.

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