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All spiders have venom and all spiders have fangs, but few spiders present a real threat to you. Some have fangs that are too weak to break your skin. Most have a venom that is too weak to make you sick. And all spiders have no interest at all in biting you. You're far too large to be considered prey. If you leave spiders alone, they're likely going to leave you alone. But problems can arise when you come in contact with a spider by accident. These accidents are far more likely if spiders can find a way into your Frisco home. That's why we're going to take some time today to talk about how to keep spiders out.

Three Ways To Deter Spiders And Reduce Spider Populations


Spiders are attracted to insects. If you take steps to reduce insects, you can have a big impact on how many spiders explore the exterior of your property, and how many find their way inside.


Lights — Many insects are attracted to light. The more exterior lights you have on, the more insect activity you're going to have. Insects will also be attracted to the light that comes out of your windows and doors. It isn't a hassle to keep lights off at night or to draw the curtains closed. Doing so could make your exterior a little less spidery.


Trash — Many insects are attracted to the scent of garbage. If you're aware of this, you can reduce insect and spider activity by being more diligent to do something you're already doing. Make sure that your trash gets to the curb each week. If you don't, it can sit in your bins and cause them to stink. That smell may be repugnant to you, but it is alluring to insects.


Flies — When it comes to hassle-free tips, this one is the best. Spiders aren't just impacted by insects on the outside of your home. When a spider gets inside and finds flies in the interior, it can decide to create hundreds of offspring in your house. One way you can prevent this is by putting fruit in your fridge. When you put fruit in the fridge, it helps to prevent an infestation of fruit flies in your home.

Four Ways To Keep Spiders Out That Require Some Effort


While spiders can be deterred by reducing food sources, it takes more effort than that to keep them from getting into your home. Here are three tips that are well worth the hassle:


Openings — Spiders get in because they can. If you examine your doors and windows and seal gaps, apply a seal around water mains, and address cracks in your foundation, these steps will go a long way toward keeping spiders out.


Webs — One spider web can have hundreds of eggs hidden in it. These eggs are kept inside an egg sac. When you remove spider webs as soon as you see them, you eliminate the potential for hundreds of spiderlings to hatch near your home, or worse, on the inside of your home.


Clutter — Spiders hide underneath objects and in the voids within objects. Stacks of wood and rocks, objects stored in your yard, and general clutter can present homes for spiders. You can reduce spider activity by removing or storing items away that don't need to be in your yard.


Water — Many spiders feed on the invertebrates we refer to as moisture pests— bugs like the centipede, millipede, and silverfish. If you have oversaturation around your home, it can draw moisture pests to your perimeter. This will, in turn, attract spiders. One way to get control of moisture problems is to clear out your gutters and to repair broken gutters, splash blocks, and downspouts. 

The Easiest Way To Keep Spiders Out


Life can get busy. Who has time to think about spider prevention? Fortunately, you don't have to. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we provide coverage for common spider pests as a part of our year-round pest control service plans. Not only do we provide routine treatments to get control of the insects spiders feed on, but we also remove webs around structures to get rid of spider eggs. You don't have to spend time thinking about spiders every day. Let our technicians provide you with routine inspections, appropriate seasonal treatments, de-webbing of high and low areas, exclusion services to deter entry, and other essential pest maintenance.


Do you live in Frisco, Texas? Reach out to us today and speak with one of our helpful agents. Ask about Safe Select or Protection Plus Pest & Termite Control. We'll guide you toward the right service plan for your home and your family.

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