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If you're dealing with a rodent problem, it is good to know what you're up against. Rats and mice are different animals. While there are many similarities, different rodents behave in different ways. As an example, you'll never find a beaver infesting your home. Sure, beavers are rodents, but your home doesn't provide a suitable environment.


Let's take a look a how rats and mice are different. Then, let's look at how they are similar, and what pest prevention methods work to keep both away from your home. At the end, we'll show you how professionals deal with rodents, and what time is the right time to contact pest control in Katy for a rodent problem.

How Rats & Mice Differ

It is helpful to know how different rodents behave. In Katy, we have two species of rats and one species of mice that commonly get into structures. If you see one of these rodents, there are some things you can assume about them.

Norway Rats

If you see a big brown rat scurry through your yard, that's a rodent that creates tunnels underground and it is likely to enter your home through low entry points.

Roof Rats

If you see a big black rat climbing in a tree or running across your roof, that's a rodent that gets in through high entry and lives in attic spaces or wall voids.


Both Norway rats and roof rats will live in small groups that are connected to a larger community. There can be hundreds in one area. They're big rodents that need hearty food, such as cheese, meat, and dog food. Their food requirements make it difficult for a large group of rats to live inside most homes. As big rodents, they're not too afraid of humans. They're also known to become aggressive and bite - particularly children.

House Mice

If you see a tiny grey rodent, it is probably a house mouse. There are a few things you can assume about these tiny rodents. House mice are so dependent on humans that there are currently no known populations of wild house mice in the world. These animals do very well inside homes because their food requirements are much lower than rats. They're also prolific breeders and can grow a large population. It is very rare for a mouse to attack a person, but they will if they're scared or cornered. You shouldn't underestimate these tiny rodents.

How Rats & Mice Are Similar

When rodents in Katy get into your home, there are a few things you can expect from them, such as:

  • Rodents chew on things to see if they are food. They also chew to file down their incisors. This can damage your home and belongings. If a rodent chews on a wire, it can spark a fire.

  • Rodents mark their territories with their urine. As they explore, they leave a few drops here and there. This can cause a stink.

  • Rodents leave droppings everywhere, including where they sleep.

  • Rodents are going to look for food. This draws them into kitchens, pantries, and storage rooms.

Prevention Tips For Rats & Mice Are Very Similiar

Now that you know a few important facts about rodents in Katy, here are a few ways you can use their differences and similarities to prevent rodent problems in your home:

  • When rodents come to chew on your home, make sure you don't give them any soft targets. Replace rotting wood and use sheet metal to strengthen building materials rats or mice are chewing.

  • Do routine inspections for dropping. Rodent waste can give you an idea of where rats and mice are exploring, how many there may be, and how they might be trying to get into your home.

  • Remove food options around your home to make your exterior less attractive. Seal garbage in covered receptacles. Remove bird feeders. Pick up nuts and fruit that fall to the ground.

  • Trim tree branches away from your roofline to make it more difficult for rodents to get on your roof.

  • Put wire mesh in downspouts to keep rodents from climbing up to your roof.

  • Remove piles and lawn clutter from your yard to remove hiding places. This will also deter Norway rats from creating burrows in the ground.

Professional Rodent Control Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats Or Mice

If you already have a rodent infestation in your home, the best solution is to contact All-Safe Pest & Termite. There can be many undesirable consequences when attempting to control rodents without proper training or experience. Let our highly-trained and experienced technicians trap and remove the rodents from your home. We use field-tested methods and professional inspections to make sure no rodents remain. Keep in mind that All-Safe Pest & Termite also provides ongoing rodent management and pest control to prevent future infestation. Connect with us today to learn more.

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