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There are many reasons carpet beetles get into Frisco homes. Some are straightforward. Others aren't quite so straightforward. Let's explore some of the most common reasons Frisco residents might find carpet beetles in their homes.

There Is An Infestation

Before you say, "Well, duh." You should know that the carpet beetles in your home aren't really the infestation as much as they are a warning sign. What do we mean by this? Carpet beetles don't damage your stuff. They don't feed on natural fibers found in carpets, clothing, furniture, etc. If you see lots of carpet beetles, it is likely that you didn't see the one carpet beetle that found its way inside and laid 40 eggs in your home. The eggs hatched and, over time, the larvae (which are the worm-like grubs that damage your stuff) turned into carpet beetles. The adult "beetle form" of these pests might be letting you know that you have carpet beetle larvae secretly damaging your property. So, you see, there might be nothing currently allowing carpet beetles into your home. You're seeing them because you already have an infestation.

An Open Door

How does one carpet beetle get into your home to lay 40 eggs? It may fly right into your home through the front door. Not only is an open door an open invitation for a beetle with the ability to fly, but carpet beetles are attracted to light. If you leave a light on for your pizza delivery guy, you may get a carpet beetle infestation along with your tasty dinner.

A Dead Squirrel In Your Chimney

Carpet beetles lay their eggs on dead furry animals. If a squirrel gets into your home and can't get out, it might become a source for a carpet beetle infestation. If you're seeing a lot of carpet beetles, something like this might be the reason.

A Dead Bird In Your Attic

Birds can get into many surprising places. Like a squirrel, a dead bird can be the source for carpet beetles. The larvae of carpet beetles consume feathers and dry meat. 

A Nest

A carpet beetle is likely to lay its eggs in a mouse nest or a bird nest. If you have either of these in your home, you can find a crazy number of carpet beetles, particularly in your attic space. Technicians also find that mouse nests in pantry or kitchen wall voids can be a mysterious source for carpet beetles. If your pantry is infested with carpet beetles, you may have a mouse to thank for that.

A Wasp Or Bees Nest

Carpet beetles get into the nests of stinging insects and feed on natural fibers, dead insects, beeswax, pollen, and more. If you're having trouble with stinging insects, this could be why you're finding lots of carpet beetles crawling around inside your home.

You Bought A Second-Hand Item

If you recently purchased a wool hat, wool sweater, an animal head trophy, a rug with natural fibers, or some other item that can be targeted by carpet beetle larvae, this could be how carpet beetles got into your home. Carpet beetle larvae can be hiding in plain sight, or they can be hidden inside objects made from these natural materials. Inspect used items thoroughly before bringing them inside.

Damaged screens: If you have holes or tears in your screens, they can allow carpet beetles to come into your home through an open window, especially if you have spider webs in the void between your screens and your windows. Carpet beetles lay their eggs in spider webs.

Entry points: There are many general gaps, cracks, and openings that a carpet beetle can simply walkthrough. At a mere 1/16 of an inch, it doesn't take much of an entry point to allow a carpet beetle into your home.

You Don't Have A Pest Control Plan

Every home should have routine barrier treatments. These help to repel and knockdown unwanted pests before they get inside. If your perimeter isn't protected, this could be one of the reasons these insects are finding their way into your home. We have a great solution for this one. Consider investing in residential pest control for your Plano, Texas home. Carpet beetles are only one of the many destructive and annoying types of pests that can get inside. Our year-round service provides your exterior with what it needs to address carpet beetles, ants, spiders, termites, rodents, and many other common Texas pests.

Let carpet beetles be your inspiration to get the essential pest control service you've always needed. Reach out to All-Safe Pest & Termite today and ask us about Safe Select and Protection Plus to find out which is right for you. It's one of the best choices you'll ever make for your home and for your family.

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