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If you have a dog or a cat that goes outside, you're not likely to ask this question unless you're wondering why their flea collars aren't getting the job done. This is a question we get from residents in Sugar Land who don't have pets. But, whether you have a pet or not, you're likely to find your answer here.


Today, we're taking a look at how fleas get into Sugar Land homes, how you can detect an infestation, how concerned you should be, and what works best to get rid of fleas. If you're dealing with a frustrating flea problem and you need pest control in Sugar Land, you can reach out to us immediately through our contact page.

How Do Fleas Find Their Way Into Homes?

The tried-and-true way to prevent flea infestations is to purchase a flea and tick collar. If you have a dog or cat that goes outside, it is likely that your pet has a collar. While a collar is a great way to prevent an infestation, it doesn't provide 100 percent protection. Fleas can get on the body of your pet and lay eggs before coming in contact with the collar. These eggs can fall in your home. The fleas that hatch from these eggs may never come in contact with your pet before they come in contact with you. While fleas don't take humans as a host, they can readily bite humans. This might be why you have fleas in your Sugar Land home.

If you don't have a pet, you can still get fleas. While rare, it does happen. The most likely reason for a flea infestation in a home that doesn't have pets is a rodent problem. Mice and rats can bring fleas into a home and drop flea eggs as they explore. When these eggs hatch, the developing fleas will want to eventually get on those furry animals and use them as a host, but they may bite you first.

How Can I Tell If I Have A Flea Infestation In My Home?

Dog and cat owners can use a flea comb to routinely check for fleas or flea dirt on their pets. If you have a dog or cat, you may also get an early warning sign when your pet starts to scratch. But, keep in mind that dogs and cats can scratch for other reasons.

If you don't have a pet, you may use rodent detection to help you prevent a flea infestation. When rodents explore your exterior or get into your home, they leave droppings and urine. This waste material can be found in landscaping, under your deck, and in attic spaces or storage areas within your home. Take steps to get control of rodents to stop them from bringing fleas in. You can also detect a flea infestation by getting flea bites. It isn't preferable, but it is a way to tell that you have a flea problem.

Are Fleas Harmful To Humans?

Most of the time, fleas are only going to be an irritation. Flea bites are very itchy. There is, however, a concern for disease transmission. There are a few flea diseases that impact human health, such as typhus, bartonellosis (cat scratch fever), and plague. These diseases can cause strange symptoms. We recommend looking into each and learning about the symptoms so that you can better protect yourself and your family.     

Keep in mind that the disease risk is greater when fleas have come in contact with rodents before they come in contact with you. Rodents can be a reservoir for the organisms that cause flea-borne diseases - though this is not always the case.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas In My House?

When you detect fleas in your home, the best course of action is to get professional flea control. Fleas can be frustrating and difficult to exterminate and, in light of the potential for disease transmission, it is best to make sure the fleas in your home are properly dealt with. If you live in Sugar Land, reach out to us here at All-Safe Pest & Termite. We provide indoor pest control for fleas, and ongoing outdoor control to prevent fleas from being carried into your home by your pets. Our 5-star home pest control also includes rodent baiting to address the issue of rodents on your property.


Contact us and ask us about Safe Select Pest Control or Protection Plus Pest & Termite Control. These service plans provide year-round protection from common pests in Sugar Land. You don't have to wait until fleas are driving you crazy. You can stop them before they get in. This is the best way to deal with fleas and other common household pests. 

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