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Mosquitoes are irritating insects. They can make an enjoyable evening in the yard a complete misery. But, as you likely know, they also have the potential to make you sick. This is the most important reason to invest in professional mosquito control for your Plano property. When you hire a licensed professional to control mosquitoes, you can mitigate the threat of mosquito-borne viruses. Today, we're going to take a look at just how important this is and why professional mosquito control works to reduce this threat.

How Sick Will Mosquitoes Make You?

Obviously, not every mosquito that bites you is going to cause you to become ill. If that were the case, we'd be ill all the time. Mosquitoes are common pests in Plano, Texas, and bites happen a whole lot more than we'd like. This can cause you to become apathetic about mosquito-borne diseases. Here are a few facts to keep in mind.

  • You can contract a virus (even a deadly virus) and show no symptoms. On one hand, this is good. When you are asymptomatic, you don't suffer from the virus, but you become a carrier. If a mosquito bites you, it can spread the virus to someone else. This is one of the ways dangerous viruses, like Zika and West Nile virus, spread across the state.

  • You can get sick from a mosquito bite and not know it. The symptoms of mosquito-borne viruses can be very similar to influenza or the common cold. If you have a fever, stomach ache, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, or some other typical flu-like symptom, you might have a mosquito-borne virus. In fact, mosquitoes may make you sick much more often than you think.

  • All viruses spread by mosquitoes have the potential to be deadly. Fortunately, in the United States, it is rare to die from a mosquito bite due to our extensive medical infrastructure and other key factors. But, while rare, it does happen. Hundreds die annually from West Nile virus in the United States. Deaths also occur during outbreaks.

  • The mosquito is considered to be the deadliest animal in the world. Though U.S. residents and, in particular, residents in Plano, Texas are somewhat shielded, it is an ever-present threat. You never know when lightning is going to strike.

Why A Professional Is The Right Choice

There are many mosquito control products marketed to consumers. The vast majority of them only work to a small degree. They don't truly take into consideration the determination of a female mosquito when it comes to reproduction and the continuance of her species. She isn't going to be deterred by stinky smoke or smelly plants. The best solution for mosquito control is targeted reduction of mosquitoes.

Two Ways Targeted Mosquito Control Works

  • Mosquitoes will rest when they come into your yard. It's what they do. Mosquitoes don't buzz around your neighborhood from yard to yard and from person to person. They lie in wait in vegetation and shaded areas. A licensed pest control professional treats these areas with a mist that coats surfaces. This EPA-approved product works to repel and knock down any mosquitoes that take a rest in these hiding places.

  • When one female mosquito comes into your yard, she can lay a hundred eggs at a time. It doesn't take long for a swarm to appear. If she avoids resting places before she lays her eggs, these eggs may be allowed to hatch. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we offer the installation of the In2Care System to address female mosquitoes. When a female mosquito comes into a yard with In2Care traps, she is drawn to lay her eggs in these traps because they provide a perfect location for breeding. These devices, which are completely contained, work to eliminate the eggs and the female mosquitoes that lay them.

  • When your yard has routine mosquito treatments and In2Care traps, mosquitoes won't be allowed to rest or breed on your property. This will cause you to have very few encounters with mosquitoes when you go outside to enjoy your yard. No more torches. No more candles. No more bug spray. You can go outside unprotected and still be protected. There is no better way to mitigate the threat of mosquito-borne viruses to make your yard a no-fly zone for mosquitoes.

Plano Mosquito Control

If you have more questions about mosquito control, we'd be happy to answer them. Or, if you'd like, we can schedule a mosquito control evaluation for your Plano, Texas home. Life is a lot nicer when you don't have annoying mosquitoes biting you in your yard. Reach out to All-Safe Pest & Termite today. We offer industry-leading solutions for all your pest concerns. You don't have to live with mosquitoes. Take your backyard back and say goodbye to mosquitoes.

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