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How To Keep Pantry Pests Out Of Your Katy Home

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cigarette beetle on pantry shelf

There are so many disgusting elements of finding a bug in your food. This can happen with almost any kind of pest, but certain pest species are more likely to be found in food than others. These pantry pests get into stored food items, and when you find these bugs in your Katy home, they can be difficult to remove.

There are many different kinds of pantry pests, but the most common in the area are cigarette beetles, Indian meal moths, and saw-toothed beetles. These pests are mainly found in cereals, sugars, and grain-based products. But, it’s actually not the adults of the species that need these food items. Instead, the adults lay their eggs there, and it’s the hatched larvae that eat stored food items. The adults then emerge and lay more eggs in your pantry or cupboard, and the infestation continues to grow.

What Do Pantry Pests Look Like?

In the larval stage, most of these species look rather similar. They are only about an inch long and are usually a whitish color. In adulthood, cigarette beetles and saw-toothed beetles are both reddish-brown and have oval-shaped bodies. They are both extremely small, so it’s difficult to tell them apart and not totally necessary. All you need to know is that neither species is good to have around. Indian meal moths, on the other hand, turn into reddish-colored moths with black banding and cream markings.

How Do These Infestations Begin?

It’s a rather disgusting thing to think about, but the fact remains that often pantry pest infestations begin when you purchase items at the store and bring them home. You likely won’t realize that these products already have eggs and larvae inside of them, and it can take a while to actually notice an infestation.

The other way pantry pest infestations start is when the adult beetles or moths get inside the home. This isn’t the most common, but it can happen. In order to effectively deter pantry pests, you have to focus on keeping adult pests out and avoiding purchasing any already infested items. This means prevention can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Some Tips For Preventing Pantry Pests

Overall, the best way to prevent pantry pests is to check items at the store before you purchase them. You should look for a powdery appearance or any small webs. If you do accidentally purchase any items that are infested, throw them out immediately, and then be sure to clean and disinfect the area where they were stored.

  • You can also follow a few more steps to keep pantry pests away:
  • Rotate stored food items often do older items get used first.
  • Repair screens in doors and windows to keep adult pests out.
  • Install door sweeps and weather stripping.

Removing Pantry Pest Infestation

If you do have pantry pests in your home, make sure to deep clean the kitchen right away. The best way to ensure that they are completely eradicated and don’t come back is with pest assistance from All-Safe Pest & Termite.

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