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Which Smells Do Plano Mosquitoes Hate?

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Freshly baked bread. A nice bouquet of roses. We love smells like these. For mosquitoes, the scent of carbon dioxide and warm blood have a similar effect. But just like we’re grossed out by rotten fish and wet garbage, there are certain odors that mosquitoes can’t stand. So, which smells do Plano mosquitoes hate?

Types Of Mosquitoes In Plano

There are a few main types of mosquitoes that can be found in Texas. They include:

  • House mosquito: House mosquitoes are common around the summertime. They breed in areas of still water and typically feed around dawn and dusk.
  • Asian tiger mosquito: Named for its striped appearance, this mosquito is common in woodland areas and is known to feed during daylight hours.
  • Southern mosquito: Very similar to the house mosquito in terms of appearance and behavior, the main trait that distinguishes Southern mosquitoes is their tendency to feed at night.

These mosquitoes have their differences but they share two things in common. First, they are all annoying pests that spoil outdoor activities. Second, they all spread dangerous diseases that put your health at risk including West Nile virus, malaria, and yellow fever. 

How Effective Are Essential Oils Against Mosquitoes?

Essential oils have boomed in popularity in recent years. While many oils are used to treat common ailments like stomach aches, they can also be used as a natural repellent. Store-bought mosquito repellents can be effective, but many Americans are favoring essential oils as a non-toxic alternative to harsh chemicals like those found in DEET. 

While there is some debate regarding the overall effectiveness of essential oils against mosquitoes, there is evidence to suggest that certain scents do in fact discourage mosquitos from congregating. 

Which Essential Oils Repel Mosquitoes?

If you’re looking for just the right scent to keep mosquitoes away, you’re in luck. There are several essential oils that have demonstrated mosquito-repellent properties. A few of the best include:

  • Lemon eucalyptus – The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has credited lemon eucalyptus oil as a reliable mosquito repellent. If you enjoy the bright smell of lemon, this oil is worth a try.
  • Peppermint – For us, the smell of peppermint is a mark of freshness and cleanliness. For most bugs, it’s a horrible odor. Mosquitoes hate peppermint much like wasps and other common pests.
  • Lavender – Lavender is not only an effective mosquito repellent, it’s also touted as a powerful ointment to relieve itchy mosquito bites. This oil has a pleasant floral scent and is the safest choice for children.
  • Citronella – Already an active ingredient in many commercial mosquito repellents, citronella oil works well to ward off mosquitoes and is believed to help heal mosquito bites when applied to the skin.

While less toxic than store-bought repellents, essential oils should be employed with the proper technique to prevent harm. These oils are highly concentrated and can cause irritation to the skin and can even cause poisoning if ingested (especially by children). So, it’s important to dilute essential oils if you’re planning to use them as a mosquito repellent.

You can mix your lavender, citronella, peppermint, or lemon eucalyptus oil with a carrier oil to dilute it. Your carrier oil should be a neutral oil like olive or sunflower oil, or you can simply dilute with water. Glass containers with a dark tint are recommended for storing essential oils, as plastic can be broken down by essential oils. If you plan to use essential oils to repel mosquitoes, be sure to conduct further research before use.

Essential oils are a great alternative to store-bought mosquito sprays, but nothing beats professional pest control. When you choose All-Safe Pest & Termite, you’ll receive industry-leading mosquito control including backpack misting and our In2Care trap system. We also offer one-time treatments for your upcoming outdoor events. Get in touch with us today.

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