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Identifying, Eliminating, and Deterring Pantry Pests In Dallas

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confused flour beetles crawling in flour

The term pantry pest refers to moths, beetles, weevils, and similar small creatures commonly found inside dried foods that homeowners often have in cupboards or pantries. Although not considered dangerous pests, pantry pests contaminate and waste food. Some of the most common foods that pantry pests infest include flour, cereal, rice, pasta, and dried beans.

What will quickly expel pantry pests? Dallas-area property owners who need highly effective pantry pest control services should contact a local pest management specialist. All-Safe Pest & Termite employs a seasoned team of service technicians who maintain the knowledge and tools for ousting these unwanted pests from your home.

Types of Pantry Pests: A Comprehensive Overview

What are some of the most prevalent kitchen pantry pests in Dallas? Some of the most likely invaders that homeowners encounter include:

  • Indian meal moths: Commonly found in areas where food is prepared or stored, Indian meal moths have oval bodies with wings that appear in multiple colors, such as cream, brown, or bronze. Primarily active at night, Indian meal moths fly erratically. Their “worm-like” larvae measure roughly 1/2 of an inch and often create a silky webbing inside containers filled with food.
  • Drugstore beetle: Known for invading pharmacies, drugstore beetles have oval-shaped bodies with a reddish-brown appearance. These pests have six legs and wings covered in hair. Their “grub-like” larvae are much smaller than adults and appear white.
  • Confused flour beetles: Commonly found in flour, confused flour beetles have shiny, oval-shaped bodies that appear dark red or brown. Although these creatures have wings, they are generally incapable of flying.
  • Merchant grain beetles: Appearing nearly identical to saw-toothed grain beetles, merchant grain beetles have a brownish appearance and measure only 1/10 of an inch long. 

Other types of pantry pests homeowners might see in Dallas include cigarette beetles, rice weevils, and several others. Regardless of the species, those who detect these pests should promptly the pros. 

Pantry Pest Damage: How They Ruin Stored Food

Pantry pests may invade foods during the processing phase. In other cases, packaged foods are infiltrated during shipping or when in grocery stores. Female pantry pests typically lay eggs inside bags or boxes of dried food, which develop into larvae. The food is then contaminated with saliva, shed skins, and waste.

Why should homeowners contact a professional for pantry pest control in Dallas? Seeking assistance from the pros is encouraged because these infestations typically worsen as these pests reproduce and enter other stored foods.

Sealing The Deal: How To Properly Store Food To Deter Pantry Pests

What can I use to prevent pantry pests? The best way to prevent pantry pests from entering foods is to transfer food into hard plastic, glass, or metal containers. Don’t forget about dried pet food. Many local homeowners facing an infestation mistakenly try store-bought pantry pest control products. In many cases, these options create only insufficient mediocre or short-term results. The best course of action involves getting a hold of a local home pest control company for solutions to these undesirable pests.

Pantry Pest Extermination: When To Call In The Professionals For Help

How to get rid of pantry pests? To best ensure a positive outcome, consult a licensed pest control professional promptly. The pros are familiar with the most common pantry pests and understand the best ways of expelling them from your home.

For over 35 years, All-Safe Pest & Termite has helped residential and commercial customers in Dallas with professional pest control solutions. For comprehensive pest management services in Dallas, contact our office today for details. Remember to ask about our ongoing residential protection plans that will effectively control pests year-round.

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