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The Trick To Getting Rid Of Scorpions On Properties In The Woodlands

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striped bark scorpion on wood

While there are many pests that people hate discovering around their home or business, some of the most terrifying are arachnids. Both spiders and scorpions belong to this group, and while spiders might invade properties more frequently, scorpions can also be a problem. While most scorpions in the Woodlands aren’t particularly dangerous, the striped bark scorpion can pose health dangers, so knowing how to prevent them is vital. The striped bark scorpion is only about two to three inches long, and they have a yellowish body color with dark stripes running down their backs. They have two pincers that look like claws, and a long stinger at the end of their tails.

These scorpions can be harmful to your health, but thankfully, most stings aren’t fatal. However, being stung is always quite painful and can lead to some other adverse reactions. Some people are allergic to this venom, which can lead to the biggest health problems when being stung. The risks of a sting are higher for people who are young or old or who have other underlying health conditions.

Where Scorpions Hang Out

Many people associate scorpions with desert habitats, and many scorpion species thrive in hot, dry places. However, the striped bark scorpion is a bit different. They prefer cool, dark, and damp areas to live and hide. They will normally be found outside. As nocturnal animals, they will look for small areas to wait out the heat of the day.

Some of the places they hide include cracks in walls, woodpiles, under rocks, in construction materials, or between rocks. While they usually live outdoors, they can make their way inside in the right conditions. If they get indoors, they will often try to find out of the way areas to hide. These include the inside of shoes, the back of closets, and dark basements.

Striped Bark Scorpion Prevention Tips

Since striped bark scorpions pose some health risks, taking steps to prevent them can help keep yourself and other people around you safe. Some of the most effective ways to deter scorpions include:

  • Removing harborage points around the property. This includes cleaning up yard debris such as leaf piles, woodpiles, grass clippings, and trash.
  • Keeping firewood stored in an organized manner and storing these piles at least 30 feet away from the exterior of your home or business.
  • Plugging up gaps around wires and pipes to keep these scorpions from getting inside. Also, install door sweeps and weather stripping and use caulking to seal any cracks or gaps in the exterior walls and foundation.
  • Addressing excess humidity that can attract these scorpions by using dehumidifiers and ensuring good ventilation.

The Surefire Way To Remove Scorpions

Scorpions are active at night, so you might not notice you have them around your home or business at first. However, once they have settled in they become difficult to deal with and remove. Instead of trying to eliminate them on your own, contact the experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite for the best in scorpion control assistance.

We will remove these problem pests quickly and keep them from coming back. Give us a call today to learn more about controlling scorpions and other pests on your property in the Woodlands.

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