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What To Do About A Scorpion Infestation Around Your Katy Home

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Texas is home to many different types of scorpions, but here in Katy, the striped bark scorpion rules. And unlike many other scorpion species that like hot, dry weather, the striped bark scorpion needs to be in wet or stay damp environments to survive, making your Katy residence the perfect place to call home.

But the thing to understand about scorpions is that they don't even like humans, nor do they want our food. If they show up in your home, it's not because you left a pizza box out for three days; it's because you probably have another pest prey infestation going on in your house that you don't know about. Only professional scorpion control services will eliminate this possibility.

How To Tell If You Have A Scorpion Problem

Well, it doesn't take much to tell if you have a scorpion problem going on in your home. Not only will you see scorpions, but you'll also have other telltale signs as well. For instance, if you see a single scorpion, know that it didn't just leave its outdoor habitat to become roommates with you. When scorpions enter your home, it's because they saw a food source there, like roaches, spiders, and other small insects.

Additionally, at the sight of one scorpion, it's important to check your home to see if you're also providing some of their favorite hiding places like clutter for them to hide in. 

Also, remember that scorpions need water to survive, so if you have any leaking pipes under your sinks, there's a good chance you'll find scorpions hiding under there as well. If you even think you may have a scorpion problem, you need to call your local Katy pest control professionals to remove the infestation.

The Issues Scorpions Around Your Home Can Create

The fact that scorpions sting means that if you are stung by one, it will create a health concern. But what many people tend to forget about is the fear and anxiety these creatures can cause. 

If you're someone who is afraid of bugs, then the sight of a scorpion will have you afraid to go into your own home. The fact that these creatures hide in places that you frequent creates even more of a fear. Imagine constantly being afraid to open your kitchen pantry or grab kitchen supplies under your bathroom sink? Professional scorpion control will not only get rid of scorpions in your home, but it will also provide peace of mind that they're no longer in hiding.

Why It Is So Difficult To Get Rid Of Scorpions On Your Own

Did you know that there are more than 1,500 species of scorpions in the world? Fortunately, here in Katy, we only have one; the striped bark scorpion. However, just because we only have this species doesn't mean they're not a threat.

These scorpions have stingers at the tip of their tails, and one sting can be very painful, causing muscle spasms, swelling in the affected area, and difficulty breathing. So fear of getting stung is a major factor as to why they're hard to get rid of, especially when they're in the most difficult to reach places

The Trick To Getting Rid Of A Scorpion Infestation

There are no tricks involved with us when it comes to getting rid of a scorpion infestation. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, if you have a scorpion infestation, it is our job to come in and eradicate it. As scorpions are predatory pests, regular pest control treatments will keep scorpions out of your home as well, and we're here to provide you with all your pest control needs. Simply call and speak to one of our knowledgeable technicians to set up your inspection.

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