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Fort Worth Homeowners' Guide To Total Fly Control

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No matter what you try, it seems like you can't keep the flies away. Even though they're small, their presence can make your home feel dirty and unclean. Not only that, but flies can also transmit diseases.

If you're dealing with a fly problem, it's essential to take action quickly. The faster you nip the situation in the bud, the easier it'll be to get rid of the flies.

The most straightforward and recommended approach to getting rid of flies is seeking professional help. A local Fort Worth pest control firm can offer tailored solutions to your specific problem. They'll also provide you with tips on keeping the flies away in the future.

Common Types Of Flies That Invade Fort Worth Homes

Flies are the most common type of insect in the world. There are more than 111,000 species of flies, and many of them are attracted to human beings. Here are some of the most common types of flies that invade Fort Worth homes:

  • House flies: They're one of the most dangerous, as they can carry and transmit bacteria like salmonella and E. coli.
  • Fruit flies: These small, dark-colored flies are attracted to ripened fruits and vegetables. They lay their eggs in these food items, and the larvae then feed on the decaying matter.
  • Drain flies: These pests are small, moth-like insects that live and breed in damp places. They often congregate near drains, sewers, and other wet areas. 
  • Sewer flies: These flies are similar to drain flies, but they're attracted to sewage and other decaying organic matter. They seek out areas near toilets, septic tanks, and drains.
  • Bathroom flies: As their name suggests, bathroom flies are attracted to bathrooms. They often live near toilets, sinks, and drains.

Contact local pest control in Fort Worth for help getting rid of these pests in and around your home. We'll inspect your home, identify the source of the problem, and formulate a suitable extermination plan.

Why Flies In Your Home Can Be Problematic

Flies are more than just an irritation; they can be dangerous, too. Here's why:

  • Flies are attracted to garbage and other decaying organic matter. When they land on your food, they can transfer bacteria and other pathogens from these places that can cause illness.
  • Flies can also carry diseases. Some of the diseases that flies can transmit include cholera, dysentery, and typhoid fever.
  • Flies are attracted to warm temperatures. They can be exceptionally bothersome in the summertime as they buzz around your head, looking for a way inside your home.

The best way to get rid of flies outside and inside your home is to contact your local pest control contractor. Licensed pest exterminators have honed their skills in detecting and getting rid of all kinds of pests, including flies.

Six Simple Yet Effective Tips To Keep Flies Out Of Your Home

Here are six simple yet effective tips that can help you keep flies out of your home:

  • Keep your trash can clean and covered.
  • Don't leave food out.
  • Keep your counters clean.
  • Use fly traps.
  • Use an air purifier.
  • Use yard spray for flies. 

If you're having trouble keeping flies out of your home, contact a licensed and experienced pest control contractor in your area. We can help you get rid of flies and keep them from coming back.

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Fly Control Solution

While flies may prove challenging pests to control, All-Safe Pest & Termite is up for the task. Our experienced and certified professionals will go above and beyond to ensure your Fort Worth home is free of these pests. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about our fly control solutions or schedule a free consultation. Don't let flies ruin your summer fun.

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