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Natural Forms Of Scorpion Control For Katy Properties

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Scorpions live all over Texas, and Katy is no exception. Scorpions are predators, and being nocturnal, they actively hunt at night. Because scorpions are always on the move, there is a chance that they may choose to explore your home. If they do, there is always the chance of a negative encounter between you and them. Children and pets are naturally curious and tend to be the ones most involved in negative encounters. 

Pest control in Katy can help you minimize the chances of scorpions in your home, and All-Safe Pest & Termite should be the company you call. We know how to get rid of scorpions.

The Life Cycle Of Common Scorpions

Scorpions have three major components to their life cycle. They start as eggs. When the eggs hatch, the baby scorpions — known as nymphs — look like small versions of adults and ride on their mother's back until their first molt. After the first molt, the babies scatter. After five or six more molts, the babies mature into adults, only to start the process all over again. Scorpions have great longevity. Many live up to 5 years, with some types of scorpions living up to 15 years.

Regardless of how long scorpions live, you don't want them living with you. If you find scorpions in your home, All-Safe Pest & Termite is ready to help get them back out. We are the area experts in scorpion control.

The Issues Scorpions Around Your Home Can Create

Scorpions are aggressive hunters with venomous stings. They use this venom to capture their prey. They are not aggressive toward humans, but they can sting defensively. Scorpions tend to live alone and hide under wood and brush piles, yard debris, rocks, and other small, dark spaces, including storage boxes and items piled in storage areas. Because of this, accidental encounters with scorpions can occur, and when they do, they can lead to painful, venomous stings. The better the food sources around your property, the more scorpions your property may attract.

All-Safe Pest & Control knows how to keep scorpions away. Contact us today and get scorpions out of your house and off your property.

How Can I Naturally Keep Scorpions Away From My House?

Given the risks associated with scorpions, here are some tips for helping to reduce your chances of encountering them on your property:

  • Clean up or seal trash. Scorpions will forage through trash, given the opportunity.
  • Keep wood piles away from your house, and keep them off of the ground.
  • Eliminate debris piles. Scorpions can make good use of them.
  • Minimize landscaping stones. These are handy hiding areas for scorpions.
  • Seal your home. How do scorpions get in your house? Through cracks and gaps.

These tips can help reduce the number of scorpions you may encounter around your home, but with so many scorpions in the area, it's just a matter of time before you have to deal with them. When that happens, call All-Safe Pest & Termite. We can help you get rid of scorpions.

The Best Scorpion Control Solution For Your Home

Scorpions are a challenging proposition when it comes to DIY pest control efforts. They are solitary hunters that only come out at night and do not respond well to bait traps. The very best pest control solution is to call professional pest control when you get a scorpion infestation. All-Safe Pest & Termite knows how to get scorpions out of your house, and we know how to keep scorpions away. Call us today, and let us help you.

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