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The Health Risks Pests Can Bring To Your Houston Home

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We all know pests are bad for our health, but do you know just how bad they really can be? Many homeowners here in Houston underestimate or downright ignore the health risks of pest infestations. If you've never experienced an infestation before or have never been affected by insects or pest mammals, it's easy to see how you might overlook potential threats. It's important to realize that pests are not only nuisances around our homes, but they are extremely dangerous to those you love as well.

Before we start talking about the actual health effects of pests, let's look at a few statistics related to their dangers:

  • Rats and mice can spread up to 200 different pathogens.
  • Mosquitoes are the most dangerous insects on the planet.
  • More than 14.8 million households had a roach problem in the past year.
  • The hospitalization stats due to food contamination reaches 128.000 people every year.
  • More than 40,000 people are bitten by rodents each year.

These staggering numbers are already bad enough, but what happens when you pair them with the top ten biggest health risks of the pest kingdom?

The Top 10 Worst Health Risks Brought To Homeowners In Houston

There are two classifications of pests here in Houston - nuisance pests and dangerous pests. Nuisance pests are much less problematic than their counterparts and are usually just annoying or disquieting animals. In contrast, dangerous pests like rodents, roaches, and some species of ants cause physical concerns. These pests inflict illness, food contamination, and even secondary pest infestations on unwitting homeowners.

Below are the top ten worst health risks brought about by dangerous pests in Houston:

  1. Bacterial infections
  2. Viral illness
  3. Parasite eggs
  4. Physical bites
  5. Scratches or lesions
  6. Chronic health concerns
  7. Allergic reactions
  8. Food & water contamination
  9. Secondary pesticide toxicity
  10. Insomnia, anemia, or stress

There are many more health concerns that pests can cause, although these ten are perhaps the most serious of them all. To ensure that dangerous pests stay out of your home, try following these helpful prevention steps: 

  • Store food and trash items in properly sealed containers.
  • Seal up entry points around the house using waterproof caulking.
  • Purchase ongoing pest control from a professional company such as All-Safe Pest & Termite.

How To Eliminate Potential Pest Vectors In Houston (The Best Method)

It's no secret that pests create some dangerous environments for human inhabitants. Despite their many health risks and detriments, many homeowners in Houston wait until the last minute to get safe and efficient pest control plans for their homes. Not only does this risk the health and well-being of their families, but it may not be enough to counteract a high volume of pests in a short amount of time.

In order to eliminate potential pest vectors in Houston, homeowners are encouraged to seek professional assistance long before pests ever come calling. It is important to eliminate infestations quickly, safely, and completely, which is why the best protection is with the team at All Safe Pest & Termite. After almost forty years in the business, one thing is clear to us; incredible pest treatments start and end with high-quality customer services. Our team is always prepared to address the issues that matter to you and develop a customized pest control plan that pivots towards your needs. 

Request a free and no-obligation pest inspection by completing our online contact form. We're ready to start working on solutions that matter to you, your family, and your loved ones. Call our Houston office today to learn more!

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