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Houston's Complete Guide To Residential Cockroach Control

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How many cockroaches are too many cockroaches? We would argue that even one cockroach in your home is too many. These pests are not just annoying. To help you understand the problems roaches cause inside Houston homes, here are some things to consider and a guide to residential cockroach control. To deal with a current roach infestation, do not wait to contact the professionals. All-Safe Pest & Termite offers detailed control methods for cockroaches and other area pests. We would be happy to assess your roach problem and help you find a quick solution.

Three Things You Did Not Know About Cockroaches 

How much do you know about cockroaches? If you have ever seen these bugs on TV, you may know that they are gross, creepy, and all-around disturbing. What you might not know is that all types of cockroaches are resistant to things like radiation, chemicals, and pressure. If a cockroach was the size of the average human, 136 pounds, it would take over 122,400 pounds to squish it. That's over 61 tons! Thankfully, roaches are small and can be killed with a stomp or a hard-covered book. Another thing you might not know about roaches is they like areas where their backs and bellies can touch a surface at the same time. Feeling cramped is most comfortable for these bugs. Finally, one not-so-fun fact about cockroaches, is that roaches love moisture. Most kinds of roaches need to live in or near a moist area to survive. 

Common Problems Cockroaches Cause

Cockroaches are not just scary to look at, they are also a huge threat to humans. To start, roaches spread harmful disease-causing organisms. The German cockroach, in particular, can carry and spread 33 bacteria, 7 human pathogens, and 6 parasitic worms. That is a lot of ways to get you and your family sick. If spreading diseases weren’t bad enough, roaches also trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory problems with their dry shed skins and fecal droppings. This problem grows exponentially worse as roaches breed and multiply indoors. If you want to stay safe, put in place some prevention tips for roaches and call a professional for any active bugs indoors.

Homeowner's Guide To Avoiding Cockroaches 

If you are not actively dealing with roaches inside your Houston home, today is the day to take action to keep these pests out. Here are some things we recommend you do to deter cockroaches from your living areas.

  • Seal holes, cracks, and gaps in your home’s foundation with a caulking gun or some liquid cement.
  • Repair damaged window/door screens.
  • Install screens weatherstripping, and door sweeps under unprotected doors.
  • Make sure your home’s gutters are working properly.
  • Eliminate sources of moisture build-up in and around your home.
  • Keep your home clean and address moisture spills and food messes as they occur.
  • Clean your trash bins and make sure they have tight-fitting lids.

Benefits Of Professional Cockroach Control 

The biggest benefit of professional pest control is that you don’t have to deal with these dangerous bugs. A team of highly trained and dedicated technicians will identify a problem inside your home and use advanced treatments to remove existing roaches. If you are looking for year-round pest protection, the experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite have great options for you to consider. Our general pest control options are designed to prevent invasive creatures like spiders, beetles, bees, wasps, cockroaches, and a wide range of other pests.

Call now if you have questions about pest control in Houston and schedule your home for a visit.

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